20.000 lieues sous le chat

Every cat person, it seems, has a name for the state of being during which you ask others to bring things to you because you cannot possibly move the cat from your lap.

My cousin, for instance, calls it PCP (Pussy Cat Privileges). Cat Daddy and I call it TUC (Trapped Under Cat). However we may name it, it’s the ultimate in feline worship and we cat freaks regard it as bad form both to dislodge the cat and to complain about having to bring things to the person who is TUC.

Cat Daddy is TUC.

When it happens to me, if Cat Daddy is in another room, I text him requesting drink/food/whatever and sign my message “TUC”. My TUC requests tend to be quite straightforward and reasonable: a cup of tea, a refill of my water bottle, that kind of thing. Cat Daddy, however, is more, erm, elaborate, and he has been known to say, “Could you make me a cocktail, please? Two parts rye bourbon to one part Cointreau, with some crushed ice, served in a cocktail coupe?” (I’m not joking. He asked for this just the other day.)

What name do you give to TUC? And what has been your most outlandish request when TUC, or your most extreme action to avoid disturbing a sleeping cat?

Not sure I’d go quite this far. (Picture from Reddit.com.)

43 thoughts on “20.000 lieues sous le chat

    1. Oh my. We are far less considerate here. We would happily disturb the other person who is busy doing something and/or nowhere near the TUC room, rather than disturb the cat!

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    1. I don’t have a heavy cat, but I’ve had actual injuries through being TUC. Seriously. I damaged my knee once and had to have physio!


  1. In French, time is not money.
    Therefore, in my family, we have no name for TUC. We are accustomed to simply saying something like “je ne voudrais pas déranger, mais le chat m’empêche de bouger, pourrais-tu…” [ I’m not joking either ] 😺

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    1. Haha, thank you! It’s so funny to discover that others also ask people to fetch things. I will show all these replies to Cat Daddy so that he knows it’s not just me!

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  2. WIth only myself and one cat, cat-paralysis is sometimes difficult to sustain for very long periods of time, but I do my best. I am wondering how a partner could be helpful when I really need the bathroom though, which is something that often happened with Calinette, who would often cuddle on my lap after my breakfast and 2 cups of tea… Fortunately, or rather, sadly, Miss Penny has never done this, as she only sleeps in her little bed. I miss the special feeling of being the perfect person at the perfect time for a cat to sleep on 🙂

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    1. I love having a lap cat, although I am very much the second choice lap. Le Roi dismounts from my lap to get onto Cat Daddy’s. 😐


  3. Depends on the cat. I wouldn’t think of budging Gracie because it’s an honor to have her lay on your legs. Sasha is a short term squatter. I think it gets too hot for her so I know I can wait her out. Gus will stay there until I die or dislodge him. Ack! I won’t sit down (which is when every cat comes a running) without a glass of water and whatever else I might need. My biggest problem is that no one can go to the bathroom for me!

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  4. Is a “cocktail coupe” anything like a “chicken coupe”?
    Since I live alone (with the cats) if I am TUC I have to lift them aside. This is often not welcome, so I try to only do it for major things like bathroom breaks. Food and drink are usuallly provided to begin with.

    The kitty I mentioned previously (Alexander the Gray ) got through his dental and everything went well. But there us a vet wrap bandage on his leg from where they drew blood and gave fluids. Unless he worries it loose I have no chance of getting it off by myself, so he may have to go back to have his bandage removed. (His reputation preceded him at the vet’s : They sedated him BEFORE they could draw blood…)

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    1. Oh my, Catorze was the same: had to be sedated before taking a blood sample! Alexander sounds like a monster but I bet he was a delightful one.


  5. Our Human refers to this state as PBF (paralysis by feline). Unfortunately, since there are no other humans in the house, she is left to suffer in silence. And suffer she does, often forgoing meals, hydration and bathroom breaks.
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

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