Le point positif

Merde, merde and thrice merde: Cat Daddy tested positive for Covid yesterday afternoon.

To be fair, he’s done very well indeed to get this far without testing positive. But what a monumentally massive pain in the arse. We have had to cancel Disco the dog’s human sister coming for dinner (Friday), Cat Daddy’s rugby hospitality day out with the blokes from his Friday evening Zoom call (today) AND my mum coming over for Mothers’ Day weekend (all weekend).

So now Cat Daddy is stuck indoors for [nobody in the U.K. has a clue how many as The Rules are so confusing] days.

I am negative (my test result, I mean; this isn’t a general observation on my demeanour, although that still works) so we’re watching television and eating in separate rooms, and we may, at some point, meet outdoors, two metres apart, for the odd chat. This is the sensible and practical thing to do. However, in the event of being TUC, I can bring things to Cat Daddy but he can’t bring things to me. This is more annoying than I ever thought possible.

Louis Catorze won’t be able to sit with us both this weekend, so the little sod will have to make a choice. I don’t suppose this will turn out well for me.

Me: “Would you like to sit with your papa or …” Catorze: “Mon papa.”

33 thoughts on “Le point positif

  1. Oh dear – well, we hope CD can get by without becomning ill – or spreading it ! It will be interesting to see what Catorze makes of this dilemma.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear the diagnosis. I hope it will be swiftly gone with nothing notable going on. The tigers in the Denver zoo got COVID early on, leading to speculation that house cat might be susceptible, too. Maybe the little guy should hang out with mom for awhile! Who am I kidding? He’s going to do whatever he wants! 🐈‍⬛

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    1. Thank you! Unbelievably, I seem to be the first choice lap at the moment. Tigers can get Covid? How? It’s not as if the visitors have been stroking them … or are the citizens of Denver braver than us?🐯

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    1. Merci! To be honest I think all the avoidance is pointless since we had contact prior to his test, when he had symptoms (but was testing negative). Knowing my luck I’ll get it just in time for my Easter holidays!


  3. Oh no… sorry to read this news about Cat Daddy. 2 of my best friends tested positive this week so we had to cancel our coffee meeting.
    One more thing, unconfirmed sources conform cat treats can quickly cure Covid sickness… 😉

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    1. Do you mean giving them to Cat Daddy or Catorze? 🤣🤣🤣 Sorry about your coffee meeting! Hope you’ll be able to reschedule when your friends are well again.

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  4. I hope you both get through it well. I had it in January. My wife got on a Sunday and by Tuesday I had it. Both of us were not affected too badly but my wife was a bit worse than me. We both recovered on the same day even though she had a two-day head start, and she was the vaccinated one. If I remember right, I was diagnosed on a Wednesday and was told to quarantine for five days, which meant I could, and did, go back to work on Tuesday. The condition was that I had to be symptom-free before returning to work.

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    1. Oh my! How are you both feeling now? Cat Daddy is presently holed up in the attic and says he’s going to stay there all day, but I think this is to get away from Catorze and nothing to do with Covid.

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      1. He is quiet devious. 🙂 We are fine. Neither of us ever really got that sick. I had a slight cough and one day I got a little nauseous when I stood for too long but that gave me an excuse to sit around all day.

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  5. May he recover quickly. Has he tested again? It’s possible the first test may have been a false positive.( It happened to my sister in law.) As for the canceled plans, I hope that you will be able to make up for them soon! Sending healing prayers from across the pond…

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    1. Merci! Cat Daddy has now had the required two negative tests so he can resume normal life, and I somehow stayed negative throughout the whole saga.

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