Une femme noble et son thé

A couple of mornings ago, Louis Catorze and I settled in front of the television for our usual early morning horror extravaganza.

I had prepared for being TUC by making sure I had as many important things as possible – tea, the remote control, a book and my phone – within easy reach, so that I wouldn’t have to wake Cat Daddy and ask him to bring me further supplies. He was already cross enough with me because, since the research I carried out for my Louis le Comte post, he has been inundated with county notifications. So I didn’t really fancy annoying him for a second time.

Email sent to me by Cat Daddy the other day.

Anyway, as Catorze stirred on my lap, his tail dipped into my mug of tea. I had a teapot at hand but only one mug, and I didn’t want to pour good tea into a mug containing horrible taily tea. And there was nowhere to tip out the taily tea without displacing Le Roi. So I had a dilemma. I knew that Cat Daddy would not appreciate being woken to help me. In fact, he would have just drunk the taily tea had he been in this situation. But I have horrifying visions of where that tail has been, so that wasn’t going to happen.

Teay tail.

Just as I had finished typing my message but before pressing SEND, Cat Daddy’s wine subscription delivery arrived. Now, as I have mentioned previously, dislodging a cat when TUC is akin to blasphemy in the cat freak world. However, not answering the door on this occasion would have meant losing the life-giving substance that fuels Le Château and helps us cope with Catorze, and that – along with Cat Daddy’s Unrepeatable Expletives that would have ensued – was utterly unthinkable.

So Sa Maj was undignifiedly turfed off my lap to allow me to take the wine delivery. He was not pleased.

I am expecting nothing short of Armageddon now.

Send holy water to TW8, merci s’il vous plaît.

26 thoughts on “Une femme noble et son thé

  1. Claude pays no attention to his tail. It’s in everything. If I’m stupid enough to leave my cup of tea on the arm of the sofa, and Claude is next to me, his tail will jettison the tea over the flamingo tissue box and onto the floor. If he is sitting on the arm of the sofa, and he sees the mug, he won’t go anywhere near it. He’s not the brightest spark bless him.

    On the tea and arm of the sofa thought, Boo will stare at the mug until I move it. Then he will stare at the coaster until I move that. He will not share the arm of the sofa with anything! (He doesn’t push anything off it though, either purposefully or not.)

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  2. I’m afraid, but wasn’t Louis delighted to see a delivery driver that day? Weren’t we told your cat liked every of them? 🚚
    Have a Happy Easter.

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  3. Frankie was just on my lap several minutes ago when my wife asked me to turn the air conditioner down. “Okay,” I said, “as soon as Frankie gets off my lap.” Just now she made a big show of turning it down herself.

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  4. Taily tea is mild compared to tongued butter.

    I one went away for a few days and forgot to put the butterdish in the fridge. On return I found a broken butterdish and no butter. It must have happened on the last day as it was according to the cat sitter not in shards on the kitchen floor.

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    1. Taily wine is not ideal but better than taily tea, because (I like to think that) the alcohol would kill off any nasties. By that logic the stronger the drink, the more resistant to taily nasties. Taily eau de vie, for instance, whilst still not desirable, would be the least offensive option of the lot.

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  5. One of my fur monsters got away with secretly “sharing” my lattes for God only knows how long. I only found out because one morning, in her haste to steal a few licks of her lusted-after elixir, she neglected to see that I was exiting the kitchen. Not a shite was given as I watched her lick her chops…🤢

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    1. Ugh! I feel your pain because Catorze’s big brother, Luther, used to chew my toothbrush 🤢. I dread to think how long he’d been doing it before he was caught. Was your latte caffeinated? Was kitty ever unusually alert and wired? 🤣🤣🤣

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  6. Caffeinated. She was always mellow so I think she just liked that it had milk. Toothbrushes were kept in a drawer for just the above reason…

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