Les douleurs lombaires

There has been so much going on at Le Château. Firstly, my students have completed their exams and this pretty much sums up their level of preparedness:

Well, what else matters?

Cat Daddy is home, and Louis Catorze is so happy about this that his screaming and purring have been through the roof. A couple of nights ago a flock of parakeets, irritated by the infernal racket, gathered to see what was going on in the garden below. Yes, it was THAT bad.

I know, they’re fine ones to object to noise pollution.

Dans un autre domaine, as well as my long-standing neck and shoulder problems, I now have a new lower back problem which just came from nowhere. So I have been back to the physio again.

Cat Daddy, before my appointment: “I bet it’s because of all those hours on the sofa watching horror films with HIM on your lap.”

Me: “I’ve sat on that sofa with him a zillion times and my back’s always been fine. It can’t possibly be that.”

During my appointment:

Physio: “Was there a particular activity that caused you to hurt your back?”

Me: “No. It was just like that when I woke up one morning.”

Her: “Lower backs don’t react well to many hours in the same position …”

Me: “…”

Her: “Have you been doing a lot of sitting down lately?”


Since this is the same physio that I saw when I had my Laziness With Cat knee injury, I couldn’t quite bring myself to tell her that I now had a new injury caused by the same thing. So I just said I didn’t know. Yes, I know how preposterous it sounds to tell someone that you actually DON’T KNOW whether or not you’ve been doing a lot of sitting down.

Anyway, the physio has given me some exercises to do twice a day, and it seems that Le Roi does not approve of these exercises. Which is a bit rude since he is the reason I have to do them. He has let me know of his disapproval by circling me on the bed as I do the exercises, screaming his guts out, then putting his front paws onto me and screaming some more.

I guess this is the end of me being TUC unless I take regular stretch breaks every two hours. Not that Sa Maj gives a merde since he is now back in his happy place:

Boys’ Club on his favourite lap.

22 thoughts on “Les douleurs lombaires

  1. Now that it is warm I only have the laptop on top of me, as the cats prefer to be closer to the fans. But I need to stretch too, thanks for remindingme…

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      1. Evil seems like a strong term to apply to one’s furry, Kittenish vampire. Maybe Louis is just malevolent or wicked or plain-jane mischievous, in which case he means you no harm–he’s just trying to amuse himself while CD is gone.

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    1. Thank you! It’s very slow progress indeed, and very expensive at £55-£110 per week depending on the length of the session needed! 😩

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      1. Yikes, that’s expensive 😦 Physio used to be covered by the government here, but some genius decided people in pain should pay to feel better. That’s a rant for another day, though, If the physio is helping you, then the cost is worth it.

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        1. You can get government-funded physio here, but they keep it a secret so that people don’t use it. And they don’t do any manipulation work; they just instruct you. I had 6 weeks of it and the therapist didn’t even touch me. 🤷‍♀️

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