Long et chaud été

It’s the summer solstice, and today is Cat Daddy’s favourite day of the year because of the almost-everlasting light. This year it’s mid-week, which isn’t ideal for me, but the fact that Cat Daddy is retired means he can enjoy it to the maximum without having to worry about going to work the next day.

Sa Maj also loves this time, because he is usually in peak health and there is always plenty of Important Cat Business for him to do.

Important Cat Business (a.m.).

After the squirrels chewed through our last set of solar outdoor lights, Cat Daddy bought not one but THREE new sets: a string of lights that glimmer softly across the green roof of our shed, half a dozen individual bulbs attached to the wire fence separating the Zone Occupée from the Zone Libre, and a quintet (?) of what look like fireflies in jam jars. When dusk falls, the garden comes alive.

Louis Catorze loves nothing more than to sit outside and take in the light show which, I’m sure, he thinks has been prepared in his honour. He settles in the garden long before sunset, after going about his Important Cat Business in the Zone Libre and his Rodent Duty, and he remains there long after dark, for much of the night. Sometimes he is even out all night.

Cat Daddy didn’t create the light show for Catorze. But it’s funnier for people to think that he did, so that’s what I tell everyone. And it’s certainly what Catorze believes, irrespective of the truth.

Here he is, enjoying his spectacle de lumière and wanting to be part of it. Happy Solstice to you, and I hope you enjoy your day as much as the little sod is enjoying his life.

Important Cat Business (p.m.).

26 thoughts on “Long et chaud été

      1. Ye Gods ! I must have been dozing off when I typed that. Apologies for not proof-reading. But apparently you understood it…maybe I was tyranslated to Catorzean.

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  1. Happy Solstice to you too and congratulations for Cat Daddy’s light show.
    Even if our garden doesn’t look as gorgeous as yours, for the time being, our cat Timon also likes spending much time outside.

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  2. Don’t worry, Timon seems to have only good times 😀
    [ by the way, his ginger friend we used to call Rourou is named Pieter. ]

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  3. Happy Solstice, my friends in the UK. Jimi sends his regards to Louis. Jimi also loves to stay outside late in the evening. Normally he returns around 19-20h back inside but nowadays I have to go catch him after 22h. I always enjoy being in a garden with garden lightning, just like Louis.

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    1. Joyeux Solstice! You have to go and catch him! 🤣🤣🤣 That’s so funny! Clearly his Important Cat Business is very Important.

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    1. Merci, et Joyeux Solstice! You can’t have seen many U.K. black cats if you think he’s the most beautiful! 🤣🤣🤣


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