Le royaume déchu

Louis Catorze escaping out at The Front is bad enough. We know this because he has done it countless times, sidestepping all our security measures as if they were just air and rolling on the pavement where dogs have done unimaginable things (ugh). But the idea of him doing it from the uppermost window in Le Château, with a literal slippery slope to a sheer drop on the other side, is just beyond the pale. And this is exactly what the little sod wanted to do yesterday afternoon.

I saw his head flick in the direction of the open window when he heard dogs barking in the park. I saw his psycho eyes widen and his fangs protrude (both of which always happen when mischief is afoot). And I saw him do the pre-launch shimmy, with the wiggle of the arse. Each one individually is a bad sign, but all three at once mean Armageddon is nigh.

Luckily, he failed in his mission because the window was too heavy for him to lift. But that didn’t stop him from trying.

Here he is, just like the velociraptors on Jurassic Park, testing the window for weak spots. Clever boy.


20 thoughts on “Le royaume déchu

  1. I’ve had one cat – Dougy the Persian kitty boy – that was a would-be escape artist. He cost me a $200 reward offered the one time he did disappear, having slipped past my legs when I was checking outside to see if the snow had been deep enough to bury my car that morning. Louis Catorze is much better (worse) at it than the late Dougy was, but Dougy definitely gave me fits since I live where there are many kitty-risky things for outside cats to contend with. Dougy and his brother were/are indoor cats.

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      1. `I mean, to be fair, the chair looks pretty solid. But it still just doesn’t even notice there’s a wiggly body on it. I can never get over how SMOL KitKat and His Maj are.

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  2. Thanks… now you got me singing “I Want to Break Free” for the rest of the day… 🙂
    Great photographs of Louis! The ghost of Henri ‘Papillon’ Charrière must be inside him…

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  3. Oh my whiskers Louis Catorze, this is a bold and ingenious move on your part. We applaud you! Well, I do, Oliver is far too portly to attempt such a feat but if we had intriguing windows like those, I wouldn’t mind giving it a try!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

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