Le miracle du printemps

Oh. Mon. Dieu. A spring equinox miracle has taken place at Le Château.

I was somewhat reluctant to mention it for fear of jinxing it, but I’m going to take a chance. What’s the worst that could happen (apart from plunging back into the unending purgatory that had become our existence prior to this day)?

As you know, since Louis Catorze’s first dental surgery in September, we have been adding water to his Orijen to soften it. This was only supposed to be temporary whilst he healed, but the little sod decided that this was how he wanted it forever. Then he didn’t. Then he did again. Then he wanted water heated to 70 degrees. Then he wanted boiling water. You get the idea.

Now that he has had his second dental surgery, I was about to devise a complicated plan for gradually reducing the water by 0.001 millilitre/degree increments when Cat Daddy cheerfully informed me that he had already served Catorze a couple of portions of completely dry food. And, apparently, Catorze had eaten them.

This sounded far too good to be true. But, when I tried it myself, Saint Jésus et tous ses anges: I had the same result.

No more will we have to throw away untold quantities of rejected Orijen when our serving skills haven’t been up to scratch. No more will we have to boil the kettle multiple times a day, only to use a minuscule amount of the water each time. No more will we have to tell non-resident chat-sitteurs to visit 78 times a day and to give him 0.4 teaspoonfuls of food per visit, sprinkled with 4.73ml water heated to 100 degrees. And no more will the silly sod starve himself rather than consume one pellet of unsatisfactorily-watered food. This is all très big news indeed.

As well as feeling elated beyond belief, I also feel guilty because, despite everything, my gut tells me that Catorze was doing this because he was in discomfort. If he were only doing it to be a contrary shite, I’m sure he would have strung it out for a lot longer.

Feeding Sa Maj is now a delight. We dish up the dry food, and he eats it. And, because he’s no longer suffering, he’s eating more.

Cat Daddy: “So we’ve spent £1,000 on surgery so that he can eat more of the most expensive food on the planet. Great. That’s money well spent.”

A spring in his step. And in his appetite.

29 thoughts on “Le miracle du printemps

  1. “Saint Jésus et tous ses anges” – LOL! I see you call on the same powers when trying to anticipate and meet Louis Catorze’ demands as I do with my kitty boy, Andrew James Thomas! Well, close enough! LOL!

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    1. Sometimes I go for “Saint Jésus et tous ses apôtres”. I don’t know whether les anges are more powerful than les apôtres? I imagine so? 🤣🤣🤣


  2. I’m pleased to learn such a great piece of news. Thinking Louis was in discomfort sounds sensible. Happily, it seems behind you now.
    Therefore, long life King Louis and his two dear servants.

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  3. Excellente nouvelle 🙂 Big cuddles to Sa Maj! (Miss Penny has decided a week ago that she no longer likes the fish wet food, which I have TONS of, of course… but I’m hopeful that in a month or two, things will change again.)

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        1. You know what will make her change her mind? Promise the whole stash to a friend’s cat. She’ll soon enough start to want it then!

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  4. Bon chance ! Glad Louis seems to feel wonderful. My Alexander the Gray has a dental on Tuesday…the earliest I could get one after he showed up with blood pouring our of his mouth on March 8 (the emergency vet was able to staunch things and disgnose a broken tooth…and also a mass on his gum so I am purraying. May Louis stay well even if he is fangless to you.

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