Il était une fois dans l’ouest de Londres

Something is going wrong with WordPress: not only are notifications not coming through, but I have been liking comments made by followers and the likes haven’t saved. Please be assured that we hugely appreciate it every time someone comments, even if it’s only to say “Your cat’s not normal.” (We already know this, obviously, but it makes us feel supported to have some affirmation.)

As Cat Daddy and I plan for New Year’s Eve and chat about what we want from 2022, we have come to the realisation that we just want Louis Catorze to be a bit less of a miserable shite towards other cats (especially Blue the Smoke Bengal). After spending all these years feeling relieved that there isn’t a nasty neighbourhood bully cat who picks on Catorze, we are dismayed that, in fact, the little sod is it.

He is the perfect host when it comes to humans, welcoming strangers happily and sitting right in the middle of them all so that he can absorb attention from all angles. Our last set of visitors were dog people and even they commented on how he was “unlike any other cat they’d ever met before” (and they actually meant it in a good way).

Catorze’s patience for other cats, however, is waning, although he hasn’t always been this way. The lady who found him as a stray told me that he got on well with her cats. And, over the years, when we have seen him interact with other cats, he has almost always been friendly. But after Cat Daddy witnessed him attack a passing cat not that long ago, emerging from the dust cloud spitting out lumps of its fur like a Wild West outlaw, we can see that things are changing. Or, as Cat Daddy puts it, “He’s turning into a cantankerous old ****.”

We don’t like the fact that our boy is becoming a trouble-making bruiser, not only because it’s an unpleasant way to be but because, one of these days, someone is going to fight back. Catorze has been fortunate that his opponents – all bigger than him without exception, including three foxes – have chosen to run away, but his luck is going to run out sooner or later.

Come on, Sa Maj. This isn’t how we raised you. Please resolve to be nice in 2022.

What if this IS him being nice?

20 thoughts on “Il était une fois dans l’ouest de Londres

  1. Maybe he sees you growing a bit older every year and he’s worried about you and will do anything he can to protect you from dangerous invaders! Maybe he’s just a good, caring kitty who loves you and will do anything for you!

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  2. I tend to agree with Cat Daddy: as the saying goes, the older you get, the grumpier you become…
    But of course, I wish I were wrong.
    Happy new year to you and all your loved ones.

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  3. My late Louie the ginger kitty was a sweetheart inside, but the neighbor bully outside. Once I realized that, I started taking walks with him when he wanted to go out.

    I had to pull him off one neighbor cat…in front of that cat’s shocked owner! I was mortified! At any rate, it was a learning experience for me, and Louie’s successor kitties have been kept inside where they are safe from bully cats and/or from becoming bully cats.

    The time Louie came home with a bite on his butt that required a visit to the veterinarian also helped reign in his aggression. He was so embarrassed; he ran into the guest bedroom when I let him out of the carrier, and I found him hiding in the bathtub in the guest bathroom!

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  4. He is the Sun King. I’m sure he thinks the world revolves around him, and those other cats owe him the deference. Maybe you can just make sure he stays faster than everyone else. 🙂

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  5. Well, we hope Louis is not confronted to his own damage. That is what sometimes happens when the bullyiing goes too far. On the other hand, if he prefers his own company, things may work out.

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    1. I can’t figure out if he prefers his own company or not. He is a bit miserable towards the nicer cats, and lovely towards the rough, unneutered males. 🤷‍♀️


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