Bouillir, servir, manger, recommencer

Bonne Année! Hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve.

The dawn of 2021 saw us messing about with Louis Catorze’s food, hand-sifting the golden pellets from the brown ones like sweat shop workers. We are starting 2022 in a similar way but, this time, instead of sifting, we are pouring boiling water over minuscule portions of the little sod’s Orijen. No doubt we will start next year doing something equally stupid with his food, and the year after that, and so on, forever more.

Catorze is a grazer rather than someone with set mealtimes, so he likes to be able to revisit his bowl multiple times throughout the day. Obviously this works perfectly well if dry food is your thing. But if you insist on boiling water poured over your food and will only eat it if it’s freshly-served and piping hot, the whole grazing thing doesn’t really work. Unless you have a set of serving wenches at hand to dish up a new portion every time you stare creepily at them.

Sa Maj has never liked wet food. In fact, his dislike of it was such that it was even mentioned on his notes from the rescue. I was quite keen for him to have it, as I thought it would be a good way of getting enough water into him, but I failed in my efforts to make him eat it. That, however, was seven and a half years ago. Could it be that the little sod’s tastes have changed and that, after a lifetime of refusing wet food, he now wants it?

We hadn’t planned on changing his food anytime soon; we have plenty of Orijen, despite it still being out of stock at Petscorner, plus after all the Yuletide festivities we aren’t quite in the frame of mind to manage a(nother) Grand Changement right now. But it’s hovering ominously in the background like a Dickensian ghost, and I have an awful feeling that we might have to try it out sometime. Not yet, though. He has to have his dental surgery first, plus we need to mentally prepare ourselves and order in plenty of alcohol and Valium.

Wishing you a marvellous 2022, with lots of love from all of us at Le Château.

Bonne Année. Now feed moi.

24 thoughts on “Bouillir, servir, manger, recommencer

  1. Huh… Could the Orijen boiling water combination be related to Louis’ Frenchness and not a new found desire for wet food? As an American, I was initially shocked when my French host family poured hot milk over corn flakes for breakfast. I grew to enjoy my hot, soggy corn flakes, but have not kept up the habit.

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  2. I’ve had excellent results getting my kitty boy’s prescription wet food from Chewy. Local availability is poor, as it is from his veterinarian’s website. When one’s kitty is particular, as you know, availability of preferred food is problematic.

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  3. Mentally preparing ourselves sounds like a great idea.
    For a human being, when there are only a few teeth left, chewing dry food gets more and more difficult and neither alcohol, nor Valium can help them…

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    1. Little sod obviously wants the best of both worlds: food that’s soft enough to eat but also with a crunch. Doesn’t really work, does it? Bonne Année!


        1. No, because we don’t have any wet food! We are still debating whether to get any, and which one to get.


  4. Mr. Bowie hated wet food too. I don’t know if Jimi likes it, I haven’t tried it out.
    Wishing you, Cat Daddy and Louis C a safe, healthy and happy 2022, my dear friend! Bonne Année!

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  5. My Gracie is a picky eater. In fact, what she likes drives what all the others eat and of course, she loves the $$ stuff. Sometimes she doesn’t eat but on those days that she does, I’m overjoyed. In addition to a picky eater, I have 3 other cats that are more than happy to scarf up her pricey food if she walks away so I have to stand guard until I know for sure, she’s not eating it.

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  6. Happy New Year to your adorable little vampire 🙂 And you you two, too. I hope you find his perfect food… for a few months, until he decides he likes something else 😆

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