Le repos du Roi

Louis Catorze and I have been enjoying some lap time during the holidays. However, as always, when Cat Daddy sits down with us, the little sod climbs off my lap and onto his. There was a time when he used to wait a minute or two before departing, just to be polite, but now he can’t be bothered and is off instantly. And the only things that stop him from doing it are as follows:

1. Getting my phone out to record it.

2. Saying to a visiting friend, “Watch what he does when Cat Daddy sits down!”

Cat Daddy isn’t especially keen on the constant lap-swoop, as he is harangued on a daily basis by Catorze and could do with a break from him. I don’t like it, either; I will be back at school tomorrow and it’s not very nice to think that, during my precious holiday time, my horrid cat would still choose his daddy over me.

So, whilst I have been trying to make my lap as inviting as possible with a fluffy blanket, Cat Daddy has been trying to put Catorze off and make his as UNINVITING as possible by sitting with his knees pointing at jagged, inhospitable angles, in the hope that it will make Catorze choose me.

Here are the results of our experiment:

Bastard cat.
Bastard cat.
Bastard cat.
Bastard cat.

On each of these occasions, my flat, fluffy-blanketed lap was available. It was declined.

I think we can safely conclude that, even if Cat Daddy wrapped his lap in poison-tipped razor wire, Catorze would still choose him over me. We can also conclude that Catorze is an insensitive, ill-mannered little sod, although we didn’t really need to conduct an experiment to determine that.

24 thoughts on “Le repos du Roi

  1. Well, my cats prefer ,my knees, (I am their only human choice) when they are pointed at unusual angles too. so I think they might just like being a bit elevated. Of course sometimes to achieve greater height, the claws come out…

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    1. Yes, Sa Maj has a liking for his upper body being slightly raised. But only slightly. These photos are just silly. 🤣🤣🤣

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  2. Awwww, the second picture is the cutest, so much love and determination 😀 I have noticed, with my cats, that they are unable to think we want to annoy/harm them. They’ll always seem to think “the situation is tricky/painful/uncomfortable but it can’t be their fault and I will still love him/her.” I have also noticed that the more someone does NOT want a cat on them or near them, the more the cat will want to be on them! Check what happens if Cat Daddy gets a nice blanket and starts calling Sa Maj and pets him and cuddles him all the time!

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  3. Our current cat doesn’t really enjoy spending time on our laps. Thank you for these lovable pictures and happy return to school.

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