Les chat-parents sont de retour

Cat Daddy and I are back from our trip to the south coast. We had a marvellous time despite the fact that not a drop of alcohol passed my lips due to the antibiotics, and it was lovely to catch up with family and old friends.

Barney and Bandit (below) were the surprise hit of our few days away. We are cat people, they are DOGS and never the twain shall meet, and so on, but, after the initial barkathon calmed down, they were affectionate, playful and, most importantly, DID NOT SLOBBER ON US. They loved the treats that we brought them, although I donned a plastic glove in order to dish them out because I didn’t want to touch the gross chicken feet. (I know, I know: if I’m happy to touch chicken breasts when cooking, I should be equally happy to touch chicken feet. But I’m not. Make of that what you will.)

Barney and Bandit, with their favourite toys.

Upon our return we found Le Château sparklingly clean and in perfect order, and a cat who greeted us with utter insouciance. To be honest we stopped expecting burning embers, wailing sirens and circling ravens a long time ago, because we know by now that Louis Catorze behaves utterly flawlessly for others. This is great, because it means we are never short of people who want to look after him despite his antics on Le Blog, but it’s also irritating as hell because it makes us look stupid when we complain about his behaviour.

Not only was he the perfect angel for our chat-sitteur, with the pair of them cosying up to watch films together, but he also posed for the best pictures with her. This one below was taken on Boxing Day, but wouldn’t it have made a great Official 2021 Winter Solstice Portrait? I’m pretty sure he’s saying, “Merci for looking after moi”.

You can’t beat a bit of creepy French horror. And the film was quite good too.

19 thoughts on “Les chat-parents sont de retour

  1. I like when Louis shows his fangs.
    And don’t worry, when complaining about Louis’s behaviour, rather than sound stupid, you are just terrifically funny.

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    1. Thank you! Les fangs are permanently protruding. Whether they appear on camera depends on the lighting and angle. 🧛‍♂️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, chicken feet such as you are feeding the pups are the very proof that birds are the modern descendants of dinosaurs. The chicken breats you are preparing look like meat, so you are excused.

    Liked by 1 person

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