Le rendez-vous d’affaires

Now that Louis Catorze is officially a teenager, he is doing what teenagers do and spending most of his time out. I barely see him these days; although he’s beside me when I wake up, as soon as he’s had his breakfast he’s off out again.

Nobody knows where he goes or what he does … or, at least, we didn’t know until Mamma Next Door sent me this photo:

Discussing the security implications of a protracted conflict in Sudan?

Catorze appears to be deeply involved in ICB* with Blue the Smoke Bengal. Relations between them have been, erm, somewhat mixed until now – and, naturellement, this was entirely Catorze’s fault for being a miserable sod – so I am delighted to see them getting along.

*Important Cat Business

I wish I knew what they were talking about. I like to think Catorze was giving Blue some fox-avoidance tips as poor Blue has been the victim of foxy bullying in the past, whereas foxes either ignore Catorze (not a worthwhile snack) or run away from him (no idea what he is).

However, it’s quite possible that Blue was the one passing on advice to Catorze. And, since Blue is a highly prolific hunter with some impressive kills on his rap sheet, this could have disastrous consequences …

26 thoughts on “Le rendez-vous d’affaires

  1. ICB is very cryptic a business.
    The day Mamma Next Door took the picture, Louis was the lookout. He obviously noticed her. Needing a watcher is not reassuring, but it is how ICB works.

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  2. They seem to get along well but there’s still “un fossé” between them (literally), so maybe they are in the middle of diplomatic negotiations “pour construire une relation durable.”

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    1. It’s true. I’m not breaking out the champagne just yet … let’s hope Le Roi doesn’t mess it up!


      1. Aww, I know it’s not really his fault. He’s just being a cat. I don’t want Catorze to copy him though!


  3. Blue is boasting about his latest execution:“‘too-wit – coo’, a blundering pigeon who deigned to cross my garden of temptation was no match for me. Ha! Silly bird – a life cut short with a flick and a pounce. I dragged him through the private entrance to my home leaving a trail of blood and feathers. I presented said pigeon to my mama in her boudoir which I made sure to adorn with a cascade of feathers and festooned myself with same festering

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