La machine à remonter le temps

What topics do you like to discuss?

Feline bad behaviour is what I do. Jackson Galaxy (who, despite the elaborate name, is actually a cat behaviour expert and not a cult leader) would be able to make several feature-length films from the material that Louis Catorze generates.

One of my favourite blogs, the brilliant Bad Cat Chris, has a Throwback Thursday feature, which refers to the past feline adventures/transgressions of Chris and his siblings. I am considering something similar on Le Blog.

This idea is not because I lack Catorzian content – far from it – but to show his newer followers that I have been putting up with Catorze’s evil for years. But I hesitate for a couple of very valid reasons.

Firstly, I already struggle to fit in the little sod’s ongoing misdeeds, and this situation isn’t about to improve unless they invent a 943-day week (not likely) or Catorze starts to calm the heck down and act his age (even less likely). The WordPress daily prompts certainly don’t help, as they manage to turn things into blog posts that I didn’t even think were things. Adding more content to an already-bursting-at-the-seams schedule is going to make the backlog even worse.

Also, in a sort of creepy, invocative kind of way, is referring back to past felonies simply going to manifest more? This really isn’t what I want. In fact, it’s absolutely the last thing I want. Do I risk it, simply because I want to convince internet strangers of my suffering at the paws of this mini-brute? I need to think very hard before I do this.

If we snitch on him, he’s ready to do his worst.

Meanwhile, if you fancy having a chuckle at the antics of Chris and the gang, here is a classic tale with a genius title.

20 thoughts on “La machine à remonter le temps

  1. Just keep the blog as topical as it has been, really . No need to reminisce when Catorze provides you with such new material ! Plus you can better refer to current events, such as the latest ills to befall the cat-kicking soccer player.

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  2. I just saw this. I think it is fun to read old posts again sometimes. My situation is different. Unlike Louis, Chris has slowed down in his old age and increased bulk. I no longer write about him climbing into the cabinets or getting into places I thought were impossible. Those are now stories that bring back memories.

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