La couronne triomphale

The king’s coronation takes place today and, if you actually give a shite, you’ll know about this already. If, like us, you don’t, you’ll probably still know about it because the whole world has been hearing about little else for the last few weeks.

That said, it wasn’t us who carried out this act of vandalism (mainly because we didn’t think of it).

Cat Daddy and I will mostly be hiding away and pretending it’s not happening. However, we couldn’t possibly let the weekend pass without this:

Victorious, happy and glorious.

Yes, this is actual bunting that we have put up on our actual house; no Photoshoppery here. We live in quite a pro-monarchy street, but what’s the worst that could happen? Apart from, erm, a Molotov cocktail through the window?

If you happen to be one of the throng gathering in Central London today, good luck; you’ll need it, because it’s going to be tipping down with rain all day. We will be holed up here at Le Château, drinking Screaming Roi cocktails, eating French cheese and worshipping the one true king.

“It’s all about MOI.”

20 thoughts on “La couronne triomphale

  1. Vive le Roi ! Although I must admit I do enjoy hearing so many variations of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” which is really a splendid tune.

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  2. Well, the lawn art is in keeping with the ancient chalk carvings tradition of the Cerne Giant and the White Horse so its simply a case of giving it a proper name and keeping it up in perpetuity. Maybe serve a round of Screaming Rois for the boys? It sounds like a lovely party.

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  3. Long Live King Louis! I love the decoration outside your house… Fantastic! I told you before, I can’t understand why people still care about kings and queens, I mean, this is 2023… we’re not living in medieval times. Our national tv stations are also covering your event live. Oh well, thank goodness we got Netflix…
    Have a great weekend, my dear friends!

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    1. It’s absolutely grotesque. People are living in poverty and they are spending maybe £150 million of taxpayers’ money on this. (I say “maybe” because the internet says “£100-£150 million”, but I don’t suppose that’s the truth.)

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  4. I am French, that should tell you what I think of kings and queens 😉 I will make one notable exception though: I love Louis Catorze ❤ He needs to be celebrated every day, not just today!

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