Le pain à l’estragon

Cat Daddy is coping well with life under house arrest. Over the weekend he conducted numerous experiments to see whether wine eased the symptoms of Covid, but unfortunately he can’t remember any of the results so he says he’s going to have to repeat them.

In other news, Cat Daddy’s tarragon is starting to sprout again (not a euphemism; I do mean actual tarragon). And so, naturellement, Louis Catorze has felt compelled to sit his arse on top of it, having shown zero interest in the trough when it was just soil.

Luckily the tarragon has been dislodged/bent to one side by the royal rump, so none of the herb has actually come into contact with anywhere unmentionable. But this is still far from being an optimal situation.

Hark! Do you hear the sound of Unrepeatable Expletives ringing out through the springtime air?

Cat Daddy is absolutely livid, but there’s nothing he can do about it. He’s already busy enough devising inventive ways of getting one over on the squirrels and the pigeons, and he simply doesn’t have time to police another individual too (ironically, the very one whose responsibility it is to fend off the squirrels and the pigeons).

Will Cat Daddy succeed in deterring the royal rump? Stay tuned …

26 thoughts on “Le pain à l’estragon

  1. Hahaha, the picture is so funny! How about chicken wire to protect the pot? Make a tunnel above the pot with it, let the air and sun through, and prevent the Royal Rump from getting in there 😀

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    1. Ohhh, he has a plan, which will be revealed later this week! By the way, I love it when Americans write “arse” instead of “ass”. Nothing makes me happier than this.

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  2. I had a fine patch of chives in the garden at one time. The neighbor had a Labrador that he occasionally allowed out from behind the fenced yard where it usually spent its days. One time, right in front of me, while the neighbor and I were talking, his dog pooped directly on top of the chives!

    That section of the chives was dug up and tossed that day. No amount of soapy water could wash off the memory of that dump!

    I liked to eat peas, tomatoes, and green beans directly off the plants up till then. I had visions of that dog lifting his leg on the plants and lost that pleasure, too.

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    1. Oh good grief! 😱😱😱 I would have cried! Was the neighbour suitably mortified? Louis Catorze wees on Cat Daddy’s onion plants, and Cat Daddy sees nothing wrong with this. I know that animals do all sorts of things on crops but it’s different when you SEE it!

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