Les poils de la bête

Merci à Dieu: the Easter holidays are here. And it looks as if I will be spending them brushing, because Louis Catorze is shedding fur. A lot of fur. His tiny body is producing more fur than I can handle, a bit like that old fable about the machine that churns out salt forever because the person forgets the magic word to make it stop.

Yesterday I managed to extract a huge handful of fur from one side of him.

Cat Daddy: “Why only one side?”

Me: “I couldn’t brush the other side.”

Him: “Why not?”

Me: “He was lying on it.”

Him: “So just flip him!”

Me: “I couldn’t. He refused to be flipped.”

Him: “He’s 3kg!”


Cat Daddy has probably only had to force Catorze to do things against his will about four times, versus my countless times. So, really, he should be taking my word for it regarding Catorze’s flippability, or lack thereof.

Anyway, I’m brushing him 862 times a day (that’s sessions, not individual brush strokes) and it’s not enough. No number in the world would be enough; every time I do it, it’s as if I have never done it before. And I am pretty sure that, if I kept brushing indefinitely and didn’t stop, the fur would just keep coming until, eventually, I would be left with a bald, screaming skeleton.

Here he is, sitting in the tarragon (again), looking wonderfully soft. And so he should, after all my efforts:

“Brush moi.”
“Then brush moi again. And again.”

UPDATE: since the above photos were taken, Cat Daddy has devised a plan and put it into action. Will these lethal shanks solve the problem, or just move it elsewhere?

Sit on THIS, Sa Maj!

16 thoughts on “Les poils de la bête

  1. Poor baby, can’t sit amongst good-smelling plants anymore, life’s so unfair! My vet, in 2002, told me that the more I brushed my cat the more she was going to shed hair! Cat shedding in the spring is normal, and Sa Maj is gorgeous, as usual 🙂

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    1. He is looking so much better than he did in February. He grooms and scratches a lot, even when well, so I think he’s always going to need lots of brushing.


  2. Lololol you honestly think that will deter him? Surely he’ll knock them flat, or worse still he’ll dig them all up 😂😂😂 I look forward to the next episode! Xxx

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  3. The spikes Cat Daddy chose don’t really look frightening.
    I’d be awfully disappointed if they managed to prevent Louis from sitting in the tarragon.

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        1. I was about to say “I don’t think he’d be able to pull one out” but then I remembered his tendency towards doing whatever is least expected, or least wanted. 😬

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    1. I might have known you’d take his side. 🙄 He wasn’t very angelic at 5am today, bouncing around and whining. I’ve checked the moon phase and it appears to be NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER.

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  4. CD has obviously never tried to flip a cat that doesn’t want to be flipped. Even a teeny Tabbi Kat can’t be flipped when she’s decided to stay put, and let’s not mention 6.5kg of Baggyarse. Although to be fair in Baggy’s case it usually results in being bitten.

    I did my best to protect a spot favoured by a local ginger and failed miserably. I think that sa majesté will still be sitting there come what may. At least he’s not eaten my chives.

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    1. Oh no, you DEFINITELY cannot flip a cat who won’t be flipped. It doesn’t matter how much they weigh. If they’re not having it, they’re not having it.

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