La livraison de repas à domicile

Last week, we and the Dog Family fed Blue the Smoke Bengal whilst his mamma was away, and someone – to protect their identity I shall refer to them as “Dog Sister” – accidentally shut Blue’s house keys in the house with a couple of days’ feeding still left to go. Luckily Blue had enough water to last him until the next day – when his Cat Uncle, who had a key, would be stopping by – but no food.

Blue is a scoffer rather than a grazer, so the chances of him pacing himself and making a meal last would have been zéro.

This is what he looks like when he needs food.

Dog Mamma asked if Louis Catorze would be good enough to let Blue have some of his Orijen and, quite frankly, after the little sod’s persistent meanness to Blue, we thought it was the least he could do. The problem was how to get it to him. After much deliberation, Dog Mamma leaned precariously over the garden fence and lowered a bowl of Orijen into Blue’s garden, using a pair of tongs.

The Dog Family called Blue’s name repeatedly, but without success. He was nowhere to be seen.

We then mooted the idea of, erm, scattering Orijen through the letterbox. Now, please hear me out. Leaving the bowl unattended in the garden would have risked it falling into enemy hands/mouths: Catorze, Donnie, Jaws, Foxy Loxy, the squirrels, to name but a few. Plus, if Blue wasn’t in the habit of being fed outdoors, he could have been waiting indoors by his bowl, unaware of the drama taking place in the garden.

Dog Mamma retrieved the Orijen with the tongs and took it to Blue’s front door to push it through the letterbox, and I went along to watch and laugh offer my support. At first Blue sat at the top of the stairs and stared. Then, when it dawned on him that he wasn’t dreaming and that IT REALLY WAS RAINING FOOD, he couldn’t shovel it down fast enough.

Anyway, Blue had his meal, Catorze did a good turn for his needy neighbour and the rest of us had a good giggle, so all is well in the Cat Province of TW8. However, let’s hope that this (below) won’t be the scene at Maison Blue every time the postman comes:

Taken from
Taken from

Here is the full story behind the photos, if you’re interested. Nothing to do with food but somehow the photos just work.

14 thoughts on “La livraison de repas à domicile

  1. Blue looks like he may have picked up a few attitude tips from Catorze, Hopefully everything will turn out well and Catorze either won’t miss his food or it will encourage him to eat it with great enthusiasm !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He didn’t really on the day but he has since then, with lots of cuddles. He’s a super-affectionate cat. 😊


  2. Hahaha, I wish I could have seen this, I would have died laughing! If plans B and C and D don’t work with Sa Maj and his bowls and food stories, remember to try this, too, once (with a camera filming it for us, please)!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You may have a point there about Sa Maj: maybe he’d like his food even better if it rained from the sky!


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