Le patient gériatrique

Poor old Cat Daddy has had to deal with medical incidents for both me and Louis Catorze in the last week.

I went into A&E last Sunday with stomach pains which turned out to be appendicitis, and I had an emergency appendectomy the next day. Luckily the magic of scheduling WordPress posts allowed Le Blog to continue whilst I was too unwell to write properly. Thank you to everyone who liked and commented, and sorry I haven’t been able to reply back properly as I usually would.

On the day of my surgery, Cat Daddy also had to take Catorze to the vet because, the last time we ordered steroid pills, the vet told us that she would need to see him before issuing any more.

Cat Daddy: “Obviously they want to check that he’s not turning into a wizened old addict.” I think that ship has well and truly sailed. However, we were debating tapering down his dose and would rather do this after seeing the vet, especially as it’s always turned to merde every other time I’ve tried.

We have also been concerned about Catorze’s weight. He wolfs down the Orijen multiple times a day, faster than we can dish it out, and we have never measured his portions on the basis that we would do so if we noticed him chubbing up. But he isn’t. Quite the opposite, in fact. So we were happy to take him in to be sure that nothing was amiss.

Anyway, the little sod now weighs 3.05kg which is the lightest he’s ever been. The vet took a blood test to which she referred as a “geriatric profile” (Cat Daddy: “What will the results say: “Yes, he’s getting old” or “No, he’s not”?”), and I was in my hospital bed with Cat Daddy sitting beside me when the vet called the next day to deliver the shocking news that Catorze is … normal.

Yup. Liver, kidneys, thyroid and whatever other things were tested: all normal.

Cat Daddy again: “Normal? He’s FAR from normal.”

The vet has prescribed, erm, more plentiful portions of Orijen (the most expensive food on the planet, in case I hadn’t already mentioned that) and another weigh-in in a month’s time.

Having started mentally preparing ourselves to say goodbye to the little sod – after all, he has already lived for much longer than we expected – this was the best news in the world. Cat Daddy went home after visiting hours to have a little celebration with his boy, and he also said he might give him an extra pill as a treat, although I hope he was joking about this.

He may be an old boy, but he’s not finished yet. (Le Roi, I mean, not Cat Daddy.)

I asked for photos of the celebration. I received this.

43 thoughts on “Le patient gériatrique

  1. I hope you recover quickly! If only because His Maj is a troublesome little bugger and you need all your strength to deal with him. xD I’m glad there’s nothing wrong with him, too!

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      1. I’m reluctant to say he’s the worst, because I feel like we’d be jinxing some poor unlucky soul somehow. I, at least, have the luxury of adoring your cat from afar, though, so I’ll leave that judgement to you. xD

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            1. Maybe the problem isn’t so much that prayers aren’t working, as that His Maj has too many adoring fans/followers that are overpowering the good vibes.

              Look at it this way, though. Once our Furry Overlords take over, His Maj will at least remember that you… fed and medicated and… ooh-er. You’re doomed, mate. 😱

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            2. That’s desperately unfair. I only medicate him because Cat Daddy is so apocalyptically shite at it, and there’s nobody else to do it.

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  2. Oh my goodness. I am so relieved to know you and Louis are both OK. Home is definitely the best place to be, even with The Little Sod and CD! Much love to you all and purrs from the gang xxxx

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    1. Thank you! Little sod has been quite the little sod since I’ve been back. I’m quite relieved that the heat has sapped some of his energy!

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  3. Excellent news about Sa Maj 🙂 Miss Penny also eats a lot but weights nothing, old cats don’t always process food well. And I hope you’ll recover quickly and feel much better soon! Louis must have missed you 🙂

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    1. Thank you! How has Miss Penny’s appetite been in the heat? Sa Maj has had quite literally nothing today apart from the pill that I gave him.


      1. She eats well, but we rarely have really high temperatures. When she doesn’t want to seem to eat, I give her treats in her “slim ball” (she has to push it around the house to get the treats to fall off), she loves it!

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  4. We are v ery glad you pulled through your emergency safely and are home being “loved on” by the boyz. Glad Catorze’s blood work came back as normal…difficult as that may be to believe.

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  5. Sending healing vibes for a speedy recovery. Sa Maj looks as though he’s thinking “You’re not done with me yet, mate! I’ve got a LOT more in store for you!” 😼

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    1. Thank you! Yes, Cat Daddy also wondered whether the Orijen was contributing to Catorze’s good health. His fur looks great at the moment and he’s on top form.

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