Donnie Darko

I came home from hospital a few days ago, and it’s so good to be back. The males of the household have been shut out of my bedroom until I recover, although Louis Catorze did manage to break in one night and bounce around all over my abdomen. He may only weigh 3kg but, trust me, THIS HURTS.

Taking my medication is much like medicating Catorze, although I like to think I am more cooperative. I have painkillers, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories all on the go at once, all requiring different timings, and now that hay fever season is upon us, I have also had to add antihistamines to the heady cocktail. There is no pain in the world quite like sneezing when you have abdominal wounds.

At least I haven’t had to deal with cat drama, as Donnie hasn’t been by since I came home. Before I went into hospital, however, he popped round whilst Cat Daddy, Catorze and I were all in the garden.

At first everything was quite civilised, with the two cats chirping at each other and sitting together. Then, when Catorze approached Donnie for a sniff, Donnie went for him. Before we could even blink, the two of them were rolling on the floor, and Cat Daddy was scratched whilst trying to break up the fight.

We were absolutely dismayed, and we felt like utter idiots for believing that an unneutered male would be a positive presence … although, that said, Ginger Impinger Dosti was also an unneutered male and nothing like this ever happened with him. Even beefy tabby Tigger, despite having a terrible reputation in the neighbourhood, comes in peace, and the only altercation between Tigger and Catorze took place because Catorze was trying to protect scaredy-cat Donnie. I expect he wishes he hadn’t bothered now.

Although the little sod was absolutely fine immediately afterwards and seems to have forgotten about what took place, we don’t want this happening again. The new Sureflap has made Le Château’s interior secure, but we are going to have to start shooing Donnie when we see him outside. It feels a bit mean, but this is Le Roi’s place and he needs to feel safe here.

Les cerises noires were very much present during that last encounter. Let’s hope that the fruit harvest has now taken place …

A few minutes before disaster struck.

23 thoughts on “Donnie Darko

  1. I hope you’ll recover quickly. Whether you’re used to suffering from hay fever, take heart.
    As to the cats, perhaps they were just playing as two nasty kids.

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  2. I hope you feel better soon 🙂 I know what it’s like to have abdominal wounds, and sneezing and laughing are not the best things to do! As for the fight, I wouldn’t worry too much about it, when I had two cats they sometimes fought and then were best friends again. Maybe it was playing, or fighting like siblings… Maybe you can try allowing Donnie to visit one more time before kicking him out forever 😉

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    1. Yes, we had a childhood cat who had a frenemy a couple of doors away. They would just sit together and yowl. In this case Donnie properly went for Le Roi so I’m not sure. I would feel more comfortable after, erm, la récolte, as that will calm Donnie down a bit.


  3. If Cat Daddys’ scratches are significant, I suggest he look into getting antibiotics, in case he contracts Cat Scratch Disease. While not serious, it is a possibility… I hope you’re feeling better. 🌻

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    1. Thank you! Luckily the scratches are not that bad and he’s fully healed now. Silly cats. All this trouble because of them.


  4. Hope you feel better soon! I laughed so hard at your description of Tigger and was wondering if you had a picture? I did a search on your blog and couldn’t find anything..

    A neighbour of mine had a cat called Tigger who was the most adorable little thing and I managed to befriend him after quite some effort ☺ Sadly he moved away and no doubt is entertaining his new neighbours with his antics the little rascal 😯

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      1. Aw he’s a lovely cat! I love silver grey tabbies – for some reason I thought he was a ginge from the name (as per the one who belonged to my neighbour..)

        I very much admire Louis from afar but I have to agree with CD in that Tigger does look like a proper cat! Hilarious.. 😂

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  5. That’s so unfortunate about the fight (and there’s nothing quite like getting in the middle of a cat fight). I hope everyone involved is better now. Maybe it was just a one-off misunderstanding and Donnie and Catorze will keep things civil from now on.

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    1. They weren’t very civil last night. 😩 Hard to tell whether or not the fruit harvest has taken place, but the good news is that Catorze is utterly unbothered by it all.

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        1. “Zut” is very French but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say “alors” afterwards! 🤣 It was quite difficult to tell from last night’s encounter whether or not Donnie’s fruits had been plucked, so I might have to find a subtle way of asking his humans. 🍒 ✂️

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          1. Then it’s definitely a French Canadian thing (at least it was when I learned it in school… a while ago 🤣). Can you try telling Donnie’s humans that he’s getting aggressive? Maybe they’ll volunteer the info (or get motivated to visit the vet).

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            1. Yes, that’s exactly what I was going to do, but I feel I need to do it in person to have more impact. I think I’ve reached a ceiling in terms of saying it by WhatsApp and how effective that will be. I have a little catnip toy for him and I’m going to take it round sometime.

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