Le Roi attire tous les garçons à la cour

Louis Catorze has had a new visitor to Le Jardin and, once again, it appears to be an unneutered male. I don’t know why it is that unneutered males are drawn to him like iron filings to a magnet, but we’re just thankful that they don’t want any trouble.

When Le Roi caught sight of le visiteur in our mint patch and pitter-pattered over to him so fast that his little paws were a blur, we thought, “Mon Dieu, this isn’t going to end well …” But it turned out that our boy was desperate to kiss him. I’m not joking. I’d have preferred him to hold back a little and not offer his heart so readily but, y’know, I guess you can’t help it when the urge hits you.

This first photo isn’t the best quality but Catorze’s body language clearly shows that he is the one unashamedly making all the moves. At this point Cat Daddy had his face pressed up against the window and was actually screaming: “He’s kissing him! OH MY GOD, HE’S KISSING HIM! What a tart!”


Here they are again, more clearly, in post-kiss awkwardness:


Le visiteur was even brave enough to let me stroke him a little and I am quite confident that, at some point, he will let me attach a paper collar bearing the words, “Please do the responsible thing and empty the loose change from these money bags” or something to that effect. I do hope he will be back because he was very easy-going: no fighting, spraying or havoc-causing, just casually hanging out.

Even Cat Daddy is a little bit in love with him. “Now that’s what a proper cat should look like,” he said. “I wish we could keep him.”

(Unfortunately he meant instead of Louis Catorze, not as well as.)

6 thoughts on “Le Roi attire tous les garçons à la cour

  1. Le Roi est tombe amoureuse! The heart wants what it wants 😹 Or, ya know, perhaps this petite coup à foudre is just a spring fling…Happy to see that he is so much better!

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  2. Years ago we had two neutered male cats. Off and on a Siamese type unneutered male visited. The three became good friends together in our back yard. We never knew where this cat lived. After about a year of this, he showed up with a wound on his back. It didn’t heal. We finally took him to our vet. The cat was FIV positive. We had him put down. Some may say that wasn’t our call, but no one was caring for his health. Also FIV is contagious and we didn’t want our cats exposed any longer.

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    1. Poor kitty! How lucky that you were able to take him to the vet. Le visiteur hasn’t been seen for a while, & nobody has managed to get close to Ginger Impinger, so no chance of the vet for either of them at the moment.


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