Ils glissent dans les rues pendant que tout le monde dort

Louis Catorze’s friend Donnie has been over again, several times, screaming his lungs out. Catorze was eating on one particular occasion, but took a break from his precious Orijen to go out and greet him.

Double trouble.

And, would you believe, Donnie has allowed me close enough to read his tag, which bears a very fancy full name plus a phone number and address. It’s hard to tell whether the name is that of the human or the cat, so for the moment I shall continue to call him Donnie. But I know exactly where his house is: all the way across the Zone Libre and not far from the pub.

It’s quite some way to be coming to see Sa Maj, and I am not sure quite what Donnie gets out of the arrangement since the two of them just sit and stare at each other. (Cat Daddy: “Is that what passes for fun in the cat world?”) However, Donnie was very glad of the Catorzian back-up when beefy tabby Tigger* rocked up the other day and interrupted the proceedings. Sa Maj, despite being half the size of Tigger, did the gentlemanly thing and saw him off whilst poor Donnie cowered, terrified, in the bushes. Cat Daddy was prouder than you can possibly imagine.

*Catorze and Tigger have met a couple of times and have always got along fine: But, obviously, on this most recent occasion, three was a crowd, a bit like when you’re hanging out with your new bloke and then your ex shows up.

I am unsure whether Donnie still has his full lower portions or whether what I can see is, erm, just the empty purses after tipping out the loose change. But I don’t know how I can find out for sure, without either carrying out closer inspection of his rear end or going to his house and saying, “Good day! Can you spare a minute to talk about cats’ balls?”

Donnie now knows that the cat flap is there but still hasn’t come through, choosing to sit outside and scream for his copain instead. However, every day that goes by is a day closer to him figuring it out, and after that we will be truly sunk. I really, really need Raf the builder to come to our rescue.

The Dark Prince admires the Sun King.

22 thoughts on “Ils glissent dans les rues pendant que tout le monde dort

    1. Since I can read the phone number on Donnie’s collar, it’s tempting to text them the awkward question to avoid face to face embarrassment. 🤣🤣🤣


  1. How lovely! My childhood cat, a glossy, glorious Tortie, enjoyed the company of an obsequious mini-me in her later. Apart from the occasional head butt, they just stared at each other. (So, yes, to answer Cat Daddy’s question, that is indeed what passes for fun in the Cat world.)

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  2. The first picture reminds me of those moments on TV, this past year, when they would show us grandparents quarantined inside their long-term care facilities, unable to have visitors except through the window, staring sadly at each other… (sorry, I think those images traumatized me). I’m glad to see that that they are free to roam outside together, in the next picture 🙂

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    1. Oh my, I see what you mean! Cats had quite the advantage in that respect: no lockdown, no social distancing, no restrictions!


  3. Isn’t it incredible how cats can have an entire conversation in just body language and micro expressions that we pitiful humans do not see or understand?

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      1. It looks that way to us, like they are having a staring contest. But to them every tilt of the ear or blink of the eyes or the way they hold their shoulder or tail is like reading cue cards to them but we see maybe one syllable of a thousand.

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  4. Le Roi Soleil has a protogé! 😹 “I will teach you my ways so that you, too, may achieve greatness.” The feline equivalent of a motivational coach, with the goal of totally taking over the kingdom from all other critters (foxes, evil squirrels etc?)

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