Le Grand Changement de Nourriture (La Fin)

Louis Catorze has now been eating Orijen Six Fish for a couple of weeks. I haven’t posted much about his daily progress because I haven’t dared to jinx it. But he’s eating it. And, luckily, despite disregarding all advice concerning gradually phasing in the new food, we don’t appear to have had any, erm, undesirable side effects of the digestive kind.

Since Le Grand Changement began, my conversations with Cat Daddy have consisted mainly of whether or not Louis Catorze has eaten and, if so, how much. Sometimes I have even asked Cat Daddy to send me photos of the little sod’s bowl during the day, so that I could compare them to the photos I’d taken earlier and see if he had eaten anything. I know. Truly living the dream.

Although he is happily eating, now that Catorze has acquired senior status he is becoming fussier and he no longer wishes to eat food that is even 0.001% stale (even though he’s the one who’s been leaving it to go stale in the first place). Refilling Catorze’s bowl little and often seems to resolve this and, since Cat Daddy is home all the time, he doesn’t mind doing it.

Cat Daddy’s Helpful Comment of the Day: “I do mind. I f***ing resent it.”

However, it might pose a problem if we have to go away and leave a chat-sitteur in charge of Sa Maj. My sister suggested an automated dispenser which releases one pellet every hour, and Cat Daddy and I are currently discussing whether it would be cheaper to ask someone to stop by sixteen times a day and serve a teaspoonful of food per visit, or sixteen people to each visit once a day and serve a teaspoonful of food.

Anyway, I am going to take a huge chance and tempt fate now, by bringing Le Grand Changement to a close and concluding that Orijen is Le Roi’s food of choice. “Cat puts humans through arduous food changeover and eventually chooses most spendy option” is a headline that will surprise absolutely nobody.

“I’ll have the most expensive dish on le menu, s’il vous plaît.”

17 thoughts on “Le Grand Changement de Nourriture (La Fin)

  1. Well, you know, LeRoi is a good Union kitty,
    There is such a thing as a closed feeder that is programmed to only open when a certain cat approaches. (I’m sure Cat Daddy won’t like the price, but it’s a one-time vs 16 people stopping in per day.. It should pay for itself pretty quickly.)


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    1. Haha, I’ve seen those feeders! However, this is Le Roi we’re talking about. Remember Bowlmageddon, when he refused to eat THE SAME FOOD from a different vessel? 😱😱😱


  2. Well to be fair, if I were fed for free by slaves every day of my life, I, too, would select the most expensive food on the menu, I mean, why bother with the cheap stuff?

    Other catsitting solution: have someone live in your place while you’re gone, that way they can feed your plants and water your cat regularly 😀

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    1. But … but … he’s a cat! He shouldn’t know what “cheap” and “expensive” are. 🤣🤣🤣


  3. It may be that his sense of smell is diminishing, which is due to age. Also, dry food loses a little of its scent over even a very short amount of time, due to air exposure once in the bowl. I’m happy that he is eating, thank Bast! 😺

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    1. Yes, we are also relieved that he’s eating something, although Cat Daddy is furious that it’s the most expensive food. 😩


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