Des chats par millions

When we first moved to Le Château, Louis Catorze struck up a friendship with a stray Ginger Impinger – now called Dosti – who would visit most days. Since then we’ve had very occasional sightings of Blue the Smoke Bengal and beefy tabby Tigger, and, of course, the more recent visits from Donnie, but, apart from that, feline passers-by over the years have been rare.

Cat Daddy says that this is because nobody wants to be Catorze’s friend but, knowing the trouble that others have with neighbouring cats and local strays, I’m happy for him to remain relatively friendless.

Meanwhile, at my sister’s place in SE20, Catorze’s cat-cousin King Ghidorah is never short of playmates. Some encounters aren’t quite as welcome as others – for instance, my sister once found bloodied cat paw prints (owner unknown) on the kitchen floor – but King Ghidorah mostly enjoys the company. He is a sociable cat but there are a few with whom he just doesn’t get along, and he doesn’t always mind his own business which has resulted in some hefty vet bills.

Some of the lady visitors have indicated that they would like to get to know King Ghidorah a little better. This one was his favourite:


Obviously King Ghidorah doesn’t have the wherewithal to become, erm, fully acquainted but, given that there is at least one unneutered feral male of whom we are aware, it was only a matter of time until someone obliged. It then became apparent that there could soon be an enormous feral colony living behind the house so, with the help of a local rescue, my sister is now on a mission to trap as many of the cats as possible.

Initial attempts didn’t quite go according to plan:

Erm …

However, eventually she succeeded with King Ghidorah’s girlfriend. Here she is, ready to be shipped off to the rescue for spaying, chipping, treatment of her dodgy eye and a new life in a lovely new home:


She and King Ghidorah said their goodbyes at length, making sweet little noises at each other:

Bon voyage!

So that’s one down and probably about 738 to go, but my sister is determined. And the rejected food from Catorze’s numerous failed Grand Changement Plans will be put to good use there, making them the best-fed ferals in SE20, if not in the whole world.

18 thoughts on “Des chats par millions

  1. Congrats and future luck on the trapping project! I did the colony around my house 3 years ago. It took 3 weeks and 21 cats to turn off the kitten factory but it was well worth it and since mine were TNVR’d the colony is doing much better.

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    1. That’s very kind of you. I will check if she needs another one, as I know she already has two from the rescue. Thank you!


  2. OMG King Ghidorah is the best name for a start, but also how sweet that they were chirruping at each other. Could your sister not adopt her? She could be Mothra!!!!!!!!

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    1. Haha, I think they have their hands full in the household with two young boys, a baby and King Ghidorah! 🤣


  3. Bravo! Trapping takes a LOT of patience but is a humane solution to the free love fest that creates heartache for humans and kitties…(It took me over four years to succesfully trap our most fertile feline, as she was smart and fast.) Bless your sister for caring enough to rescue this cutie, although King Ghidorah must not have been happy that his #1 lady was “kit-napped” 😾

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