Le Grand Changement de Nourriture (Plan C Partie 2)

After several days of stuffing his greedy little face with Orijen Six Fish, Louis Catorze’s appetite faded as soon as I placed an order for a further supply. (Lizzi, if you’re reading this, I know you told me so.)

The order took a couple of attempts to go through, as if the Apple Gods were trying to warn me. But, luckily, the unhungriness was only a temporary blip and he is now back to being an eating, screaming machine, as he was when he had the appetite-enhancing pill.

Cat Daddy’s Helpful Comment of the Day: “F***ing ridiculous. Expensive food and beauty oil [referring to the Omega 3 vol-au-vents]. It’s like living in a fancy spa with Raymond Blanc cooking for him.”

Cat Daddy and I, on the other hand, are existing on stale bread and stagnant rainwater in order to keep Sa Maj supplied with his various dietary and wellbeing paraphernalia. But then it’s never been about us, so tant pis.

We have half a pack of Lily’s Kitchen Marvellously Mature left, and Catorze appears to have forgotten that it ever existed, which is exactly what we want; continuing to give it to him would be rather like continuing to give him heroin despite successfully getting him onto methadone. We have found a new home for it, though: later this month, along with the 1.5kg of Thrive and the 862kg of Canagan, the Marvellously Mature will be making its way to some hungry kitties in SE20 (more about them next time).

Here is the little sod, waving goodbye to his old food and hoping that the recipients enjoy it:

“Au revoir, Lily.”

8 thoughts on “Le Grand Changement de Nourriture (Plan C Partie 2)

  1. When I first started reading this post, I had a crazy thought: what if Sa Maj only likes NEW food? What if you could rotate four or five different foods that he’d like at first because it’s “new,” and then after a week or two he wouldn’t like it anymore, and so you’d give him the next thing in the rotation. I have managed to get Miss Penny to eat “old food” she had previously refused to eat (after 10 days of eating it without batting an eye) in-between two new kinds of foods.

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    1. Haha, that would’ve been my plan had he continued to dislike everything: go all the way back to Plan A, as he’d most likely have forgotten he ever tried it! 🤣🤣🤣


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