Journal d’une Chatière (Partie 5)

Merde, merde and thrice merde: I gave the Sureflap a good clean the weekend before Louis Catorze’s birthday and even programmed it to re-memorise him, but it’s still been failing to let him in when needed. When I sat by the door and observed the latch as Catorze tried to pass through, I noticed that it wasn’t moving.

Me: “So there definitely is a problem with the Sureflap. And all this time you thought it was just him being a shite.”

Cat Daddy, without looking up from his phone: “He is a shite, though.”

Good point, well made.

Anyway, we have a new Sureflap, but Raf the builder glued in the existing one so firmly that we can’t get it out. So we’ve messaged him and asked him to provide a quote for fitting the new one, and we hope he is able to respond before Donnie figures out that he can follow his cher ami through.

Incidentally, Cat Daddy has now started calling him Donnie, too. Sometimes he forgets and calls him Danny, but that also works. (Younger followers: ask your mums.)

Danny, Donnie, whatever. Ça marche. (Taken from Pinterest.)

So now we have to wait to hear from Raf the builder, and we fear that it might take some time. Will Donnie beat him to it?

Cheeky sod.

15 thoughts on “Journal d’une Chatière (Partie 5)

    1. It doesn’t work from a collar tag; it works from his microchip. The vet has already ascertained that his chip is in the right place and hasn’t migrated anywhere, so it’s definitely the Sureflap that’s faulty.

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  1. There is no flap at our place. Our cat has to ask us to open him the door. His ginger friend is rather shy. When finds the door ajar, he only puts his head inside. So far, he hasn’t pictured yet that he can enter.

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    1. Do you know where the ginge lives? It’s good that he knows the boundaries. Donnie seems to be quite respectful at the moment but I don’t know how long it’ll last.


    1. Yes, it’s a bit unfortunate that we’re now about to get our THIRD in not that many years, but I would still rather have one than not.


  2. At another house many years ago, there was a next door neighbor cat. Actually two but only Daisy was the problem. She was floofy and very small. Somehow she got away with a lot of shite. She made friends with my cat Magic. She taught her to put pawprints on cars and how to get on the garage roof. One day she got in the house. Within 15 minutes she ate all the food and shredded all the catnip toys, then took a nap. She was 7 lbs. of floof. Very friendly but definitely a cat you didn’t want visiting. We had to get a guard for our screen door because she shredded it it trying to get in. She was so adorable she got away with all this. I don’t think Donnie would ever do any of this.

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    1. Oh my goodness, how awful! What a nightmare for you. I hope Donnie wouldn’t behave like that, but I am more worried that he would encourage Sa Maj to wander further than he should. The Zone Libre is full of foxes and God knows what else, and previously I didn’t worry about Catorze as he would always stick close to our house, but with a wayward friend egging him on, who knows what might happen?

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  3. Your cheeky sod is gorgeous, I miss black cats!! I would forgive him anything 😀 (Hope the flap/Donnie situation is resolved soon, Miss Penny and I are on the 4th floor so we only get visits from magpies and Pumpkin, the squirrel, who did enter the apartment the other day!)

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    1. You’ve named the squirrel! 🤣🤣🤣 And, yes, Donnie is beautiful. He and Sa Maj seem to get along very well!


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