Gémir comme un chien

Louis Catorze has a new sound.

Oui, Mesdames et Messieurs, his repertoire of sounds is no longer limited to the ones mentioned here: https://louiscatorze.com/2018/11/11/je-gueule-donc-je-suis/. We can now add Le Chien Blessé to the list, and this sound is exactly as one would imagine.

If you have a dog, and your dog has ever been shut in a place that they really, really don’t want to be in, THIS IS THAT SOUND. It’s not far off Le Miaulement à la Bouche Fermée (no.1 on the above link) and I would probably place it in that same family, but there is something altogether more tragic about Le Chien Blessé. This horrendous whining scrapes at one’s eardrums and can be heard from anywhere in the house, irrespective of how quietly Catorze may do it and how far one may be from him.

I often go to bed long before Cat Daddy, who stays up watching television or listening to music. Catorze usually comes to bed with me and lies with me for a while, but then goes back downstairs for Boys’ Club. Occasionally he finds the living room door shut so, unable to access Le Club, he utters that sound to alert Cat Daddy to his predicament.

Unfortunately Cat Daddy is often engrossed in some film or programme, or he has his headphones on or some such thing, so he fails to hear Catorze. So Catorze whines again. And again. And again. At this point the sound wakes me from my deep sleep, and I have to send Cat Daddy a text message saying, “LET HIM IN.”

This sound is the second most annoying thing that there is. The only thing more annoying is the fact that I don’t have it on video. Here is Catorze, smug in the knowledge that I have no proof:

“Who whined? Pas moi.”

12 thoughts on “Gémir comme un chien

  1. Some cats do have the most incredible range of annoying sounds. I have a sinking feeling that Snoodle might be expanding her repertoire…. (she’s growing so fast she’s almost Le Roi’s size now!)

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  2. My sisters’ panther, sweetest kitty I’ve ever known, couldn’t vocalize a meow. He squeaked. It was eerie to see that big überfluffy boy come running, mouth formed into a wide mioue, silently panicked whenever threatened. (By other cat, moth, big new pillows, etc.) His kitty wife, a tortie who suffered no fools, had the unerving habit of uttering a LOUD war cry whenever she spotted a flying roach. I once witnessed her jump and clap her paws midair, effectively ending the huge intruders’ plans. I thought twice about having lunch after that.

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    1. I often hear about huge cats having dainty, fairylike meows, or emitting a barely-audible squeak! 🤣


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