Le velours noir

Louis Catorze’s ears are now almost completely bald, and they look more like pigs’ ears than ever before.

Cat Daddy is convinced that the sunblock somehow “killed the hair follicles” so, even though this is highly unlikely, I stopped applying it just to see what would happen. But I think he has continued to lose fur even without the block, and now he looks like this:

“Où sont les poils?”

Although it looks highly unattractive, Catorze’s skin is not sore or inflamed and, in fact, he doesn’t even seem to know or care that the fur has gone. It’s certainly not bad enough to require a vet visit now but, if he’s still bald in September, I will be sure to mention it when I take him in for his booster jabs. Not that I really need to mention it, as it’s plain for all to see.

Fingers crossed that this is just a temporary blip, and that the little sod will be fully-furred soon.

17 thoughts on “Le velours noir

  1. Does he rub his ears (as he washes ?) Sometimes mine will have ears that look a bit more “polished” though there is no issue of allergies or earmites. Or maybe he is just doing it to make you crazy ?

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    1. I wouldn’t say he rubs them
      unusually, no. I’m not hugely worried as they don’t seem to be concerning him in the slightest. They just look awful!


  2. It could easily be the sun cream, as he is such a special cat – he might react to stuff that other cats wouldn’t. But as you say, as long as it doesn’t look infected and isn’t bothering him, it’s just cosmetic. Just an extra layer of weirdness……

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  3. Has there been anything lately that may have increased his stress level? We had a temporary visitor also a black male who experienced this. I do not allow my divas outside as I’ve seen what happens when they try to cross the road and we are very rural so there are sanglier and foxes about. Balzac moved on to a neighbors who have an open window policy and he seems happier. The indoor policy was not appreciated and I knew it might not work. He was feral and seven months old when he came to us. All the best. Lea

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    1. Absolutely nothing whatsoever! 🤣 We hardly ever get feline visitors here, so it can’t be other cats. And he’s not afraid of foxes, so it can’t be them, either. Overall he seems to be very happy and loving life. It’s a real mystery! 🕵️‍♀️

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        1. Unless it’s having me working from home? 🤣 Maybe he’s annoyed that he doesn’t have his daddy all to himself? I don’t suppose we will ever figure it/him out. Thank you. 😊

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          1. True, you may never find out. However, being a Royal, they often tend to be a bit more particular… 😉 I’ve no doubt that he has excellent staff who cater to his needs as befitting to a Royal. 😂

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  4. Cracker’s ears are exactly the same and l have no idea why. His allergies are conspicuous by their absence at the moment thank goodness but his ears look really awful. The rest of him is healthy and fur covered. Like Catorze they don’t seem to trouble him at all but the cosmetic effect leaves a lot to be desired! I feel your frustration😆

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    1. Yes, they do look pretty awful! I am now worried that they’re more susceptible than ever to burning, but I don’t know whether I should put the sunblock back on … 😐


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