Où est mon chat?

What gives you direction in life?

Louis Catorze does. However, at the moment that direction seems to be “downwards”.

I hardly ever see him these days. No more does he settle across my stomach and cuddle me until I fall asleep, no more is he the first person I see when I wake up, and no more does he snooze on my lap every morning whilst I drink green tea and read a book. And I have a combination of CST and general cat bastardliness to blame for this.

Remember this? Nope, neither do I.

When I come home from work, Catorze is outside. I approach him to say hello and he’s perfectly cordial and polite, but he remains outside. When he does come in and acknowledge my existence, it’s only to creepy-stare for food before he goes out again. We don’t know what he’s up to although it must be very important because, one evening, we saw him taking off across the shed rooftops towards Twiggy the greyhound’s place, at lightning speed.

However, Catorze does manage to find the time for Boys’ Club. Oh yes. Cat Daddy was triumphantly smug when he told me that, as soon as I go to bed, the little sod slopes indoors and enjoys some alone time with his papa. So it seems that he’s not wholly rejecting his boring domestic life. He’s rejecting his boring domestic life with ME.

Cat Daddy: “Have you two fallen out? What have you said to him?”

Yes, it’s bold of him to assume Catorze would give a shite about anything I said.

I suppose I ought to be grateful that, at the creaky old age of thirteen, our boy is being adventurous and enjoying himself. But I can’t help longing for the autumn, when the cooler weather will send him back to my lap.

Too busy for me … but still has time to prevent Cat Daddy from reading a paper.
Bastard cat.

24 thoughts on “Où est mon chat?

  1. Have you forgotten the mantra: all cats are bastards?

    Just be thankful you aren’t being woken every two hours during the night by a cat demanding food. I swear it’s like having a baby in the house.

    OTOH, not seeing the daft sod is just as infuriating.

    They were put on this planet to annoy us. Remind me, why do we up up with their shenanigans?

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  2. Yes, they are infuriating! I pay a good price for a prescription cat food for Andy, who has food allergies. Guess who has been leaving most of it to attract flies on the plate lately? Too many kitty treats, I think.

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  3. Oh poor you, I can imagine how awful this feels for you. It’s so unfair that he should be so crafty and wait until you go to bed to come in to Boys Club. I only have one suggestion but that depends if it’s safe for you to do it… How about a little dab of cat nip behind your ears and maybe some rubbed onto your lap??? Oh there is something else you could try, if you lay a small piece of scrap material on the floor and get some scissors and make out you are crafting? Cheeky cannot resist being in the middle of any crafting activity,! Good luck my dear xxx

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    1. That’s a very good idea! Or maybe I should wear my best dress every night – the one which absolutely cannot be sat on by a cat – and then he’d be all over me!


  4. After a brutal winter, our cat has loved leaking dust baths and exploring outside. I also long for winter’s cuddles from our young cat. Our 18-year old cat sticks close to home and my lap. I’m grateful.

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