Le monde des chats

The thing about Catorzian misdemeanours, other than the fact that they exist, is that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to document all the stupid things that Louis Catorze does. Sometimes I am forced to post incidents that happened ages ago, under the non-committal, vague banner of “the other day” because, at the time that said incidents actually took place, Le Blog was already full of OTHER Catorzian misdemeanours.

The only solution would have been to post multiple times a day and, really, nobody wants or deserves that.

I recently briefly toyed with the idea of a Throwback Thursday-type feature, then realised that this would make the problem worse. The WordPress Daily Prompt feature has complicated the situation even further, by digging into the recesses of my mind for Catorzian misdemeanours that my brain had carefully chosen to lock away from my consciousness, as an act of self-preservation.

Luckily, Katzenworld has come to my aid and the lovely Marc has allowed me to start writing there. If you like cats and enjoy reading actual useful information about them, as opposed to the nonsense that I churn out, most likely you will know about Katzenworld anyway. But, if not, it’s well worth a look. They also have a shop, which is where I bought Catorze’s très fancy tilted bowl.

I know that it’s not a very responsible or positive life lesson: “If you produce rubbish faster than you can dispose of it, just pass the excess onto someone else”. But then – to keep the same waste disposal analogy – this rapidly-filling Catorzian bin bag was a ticking time bomb. Goodness knows what would have happened had it overfilled and burst.

Please click here for my contemplation of Catorze’s immortality, here for a more sombre reflection of the horror that is vet visits, and here for a general whinge about cats’ food bullshittery and our absurd enabling of it.

If Stephen King had a cat …

15 thoughts on “Le monde des chats

  1. I think there is a cat in Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary” But since his horror stories are too horrific for me I only know peripherally from seeing memes about it. I think it is a tabby though.

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    1. Do you ever use the daily prompts? They’ll have you thinking, “Oh yes, I remember when Chris did that!” over incidents you thought you’d forgotten!

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  2. “The other day” includes any day between my birth and today, in my understanding of the world, so you’re safe 😀 I should write more about Rosie la pépette, she’s doing so well these days!

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