Lent et régulier gagne la course

Cat Daddy and I are back from his sister’s birthday extravaganza. During our absence, our chat-sitteurs sent us this photo of Louis Catorze cavorting around on their bed. Yes, they were in the bed at the time. No, Catorze didn’t care:

Utterly shameless.

In other news, it’s that time again: the snail harvest is just beginning and Catorze is proving once again that, whilst you can take Le Roi out of France, you can’t take France out of Le Roi.

I recently found this little blighter crawling up our kitchen sofa:

Oh my.

The only way it could have come in is via Catorze’s fur. Either he is brushing against snail-studded undergrowth and dislodging them, or perhaps he can’t help but oblige when the snail bids him a jaunty bonjour and asks for a lift indoors.

With Catorze spending progressively more time outdoors as the weather brightens, no doubt there will be further extra guests sneaking in. At least I was able to catch this one before it ran amok – and, yes, we must be the only household who has to worry about catching the slowest animal in the world before it runs amok.

17 thoughts on “Lent et régulier gagne la course

  1. Since he is LeRoi he may have expected you to saute it in butter for his petit dejeuner.
    Over here we have slugs, and the cats will occasionally pick one up by brushing against it. Even butter would not improve them.

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  2. It seems your chat-sitteurs and Louis get along very good… So he probably won’t mind if you’re going away for the weekend.
    I hate snails in my garden… I was trying to catch them in the past but I just couldn’t win the fight and I gave up. Unfortunately, Jimi leaves them alone… 😦

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  3. At least I don’t have snails being brought in. I do however have slugs inviting themselves in.

    It’s not fun squashing one into the lounge carpet at silly o’clock in the morning when stumbling to the kitchen in the dark. I’ve yet to work out how they are getting in.

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