Ça, c’est bien les chats

Merde, merde and thrice merde: it seems as if the mischievous fae folk of Beltane have already started working their naughty magic on Louis Catorze. Or maybe he is the one who controls them? That seems much more likely, doesn’t it?

I have just caught the horrid little sod nuzzling my signed – SIGNED – copy of CJ Tudor’s The Drift. It’s almost as if he did this on purpose to avenge his defiled silverware, although it would be very unfair indeed because Cat Daddy is the silverware-defiler, whereas this book belongs to ME, the innocent party in all this.

The edge of the book jacket is now scuffed, and there’s a fang mark on it. And it’s clear how firmly Catorze committed to his mission; the way the fur is all splayed out on his cheek shows that he was really, really going for it:

For goodness’ sake.

Now, before the extreme cat freaks among you – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE – suggest that the Catorzian stamp will somehow add value or improve the book, come on; this is hardly in the same realm as Banksy shredding Balloon Girl.

The author describes herself on Instagram as a dog lover, and I am starting to think she might have the right idea. Cats are trouble … and black ones with book-ruining fangs, especially so.

16 thoughts on “Ça, c’est bien les chats

  1. Years ago one of my dogs ate a brand new book club selection…so I had t wait til it came out. Seriously – Can you lock your book away some where ?

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    1. Oh good grief! Naughty doggy! Catorze does this with any hard surface, to be honest. His face can be a bit itchy so if there’s a straight edge and a corner to be had, he’s having it!


  2. Actually I think he just wanted to get you to write this post…clearly he’s doing an endorsement just like King did, but being he can’t write he did it in the normal Catorzean manner. ” fantastic book; greatly enjoyed it, and you will too. If you like to read these posts about me you’ll love this stuff too!” His playoff is probably in some fancy food or catnip.

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  3. I genuinely sympathise with you, but many cats behave this way because they are accustomed to marking their territory so.
    Who knows? Louis might have been afraid of you lending this book to a thoughtless friend, and he wanted to protect you.
    Was it the first time it had happened?

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  4. I dread to think that perhaps he was attempting to read the plot synopsis. 🤔Is there a badly behaving feline or some other animal in the story? One to give his ever-plotting little mind new ideas to add to his bag of tricks or with which to celebrate his 13th? Just sayin’…🙄

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