La mode se démode, les poils de chat jamais …

Cat Daddy and I are away for the weekend, at his sister’s birthday celebration. Although it was tempting to just leave Louis Catorze to go feral and see how much time it would take him to move in with Family Next Door (who would probably love him as their pet) or That Neighbour (who wouldn’t), we decided that it wouldn’t be fair to do that to other people. So we asked some previous chat-sitting family members if they could come and look after him again and, astoundingly, they agreed.

A photo from their last chat-sit.

The last time they came, Catorze had a marvellous time with both of them but he took a special liking to the gentleman of the couple. We were pretty sure that Catorze would annoy the merde out of him and prevent him from working, so we advised him to do as much of his work as possible before coming over. However, it turned out that Chat-Sitting Gentleman had already planned to do exactly that, because Catorze had annoyed the merde out of him and prevented him from working the last time.

Boss: “What’s that? You can’t do any work because of WHAT?”

Packing to leave took hours; “smart casual”, something that no British person truly understands, is open to going wrong if people’s expectations differ, and I know that Cat Daddy’s sophisticated family’s “smart casual” is equivalent to my “white tie and diamonds”. Whilst packing, I noticed that some of the clothes that I had hoped to take were coated in some sort of grey fluff:

Jumper: ruined.

I had no idea what it was, nor how to get rid of it. The old trick of a fistful of Sellotape didn’t make much difference. Picking it off with my fingers also didn’t seem to do much. In absolute desperation, I reached for Catorze’s Zoom Groom brush (the reverse side, obviously, not the side with the spikes) to see if its static magic would somehow help to shift the mess.

Not only did this work like a dream but, as the grey fluff came away, the pieces unfurled and lengthened. Oh. Mon. Dieu: the mystery fluff was compressed, embedded cat hair. The little bastard had been sleeping on my clothes.

Cat Daddy: “Well, it’s your own fault. You should have put them away.”

Anyway, no doubt our chat-sitteurs will regale us with tales of how angelic Catorze was during our absence. It happens every time. I guess he has learned by now that, since we are stupid enough to put up with his nonsense, he doesn’t need to bother behaving for us.

22 thoughts on “La mode se démode, les poils de chat jamais …

  1. Glad the cat brush worked on your jumper (that’s a sweater, right ?) Glad your sitters are familiar – and tolerant – of Catorze’s ways.

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    1. Yes, a “sweater”! 🤣🤣🤣 Although if it’s not knitted it’s a “sweatshirt”!

      We are very lucky that we have a bank of willing chat-sitteurs.


  2. If your clean(!) Clothing is like that, just think (or don’t) how much fur you have eaten. Cat fur, decoration and a condiment.

    I know when my lot are starting to moult. With hours of putting clean bedding on a corner has embedded black fur.

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    1. Within hours? It’s minutes for me! Catorze can hear the sound of bedding being changed from 200 metres away!


        1. I think two visits … come and visit us all first, and if you don’t like Catorze just make an excuse for the second time. If you come straight and chat-sit, you’ll be trapped with him … 😱😱😱

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  3. I use a sticky roll to remove cat hair, because I had to use it every single time I left the house, with my previous kitties. Rosie la pépette is not a problem yet, because she stays hidden under the bed. But when I wear clothes that I haven’t worn since Miss Penny’s death, I still find tons of her hair on them, it’s crazy! (Love your title!)

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    1. These were properly embedded, though, in the way that they would be if a cat had slept in that same spot repeatedly. I never saw him do it. What a little sod!

      How is Rosie? It will take her some time but it sounds as if she is gradually becoming more courageuse!


      1. She’s indeed getting a bit more courageous every day, but she goes back into hiding every time there’s a noise, and she is absolutely terrified of the vacuum cleaner, poor baby!

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        1. They all hate the vacuum, don’t they? That said, Sa Maj is more outraged than afraid. He screams and screams at the person using it, telling them to shut up. Then he screams at whoever else is in the house, as if to say, “Aren’t you going to do anything about this?”


  4. This link has a picture of Catorze’s sister, who obviously wass kit-napped when young. You will have to scroll down to see the pic, but sending just the picture would have been too shocking.

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