Obsession pour homme

When I am at work, Louis Catorze puts all his efforts into annoying his papa as much as possible. My working day is typically peppered with expletive-ridden complaints from Cat Daddy via WhatsApp, occasionally accompanied by photographic and video evidence. I don’t know what I am expected to do about it, so I usually just reply “Oh dear” or “Aww!” and giggle to myself.

Cat Daddy is retired, but he still has online meetings and work to do for the food bank and for a local charity of which he is a trustee. Catorze does not approve of this work because it takes attention away from the most important thing of all: him. And he does everything within his power to sabotage, from creepy staring to screaming and everything in between.

On one occasion, Cat Daddy was forced to leave the sofa and move to the kitchen worktop because the bullying was so bad. However, Catorze was not prepared to accept defeat and followed him, jumping onto the stool (and, later, onto the worktop itself) for maximum impact:

It’s not all about you. Oh, wait … YES, IT IS.

And, when the creepy staring and headbutting didn’t work, he resorted to this. Turn the volume right up to hear the pathetic sound:

Good grief.

These were taken more recently, after Catorze’s dental, and they show that the trauma suffered chez le vétérinaire haven’t impacted his annoyingness in the slightest:

The preparation.
The mobilisation.
The land grab.
The surprise ambush.
The assertion of power.

I can’t say I have a great deal of sympathy for Cat Daddy; if you’re going to be the favourite human in the household and also be so smug about it, it’s only fair that you should have to take the rough with the smooth. That said, being stalked and tormented in your own house is about as rough as it gets. Bad Roi.

26 thoughts on “Obsession pour homme

  1. Sorry but this is all I can say…


    Bless him!

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      1. You know I’m suspicious that at some stage the CD may have used some means of persuasion to get Louis to like him better, so I’m sure he doesn’t deserve sympathy as he’s most likely brought this attention on himself… I wonder what they actually get up to while you’re at work and maybe you need to bug the house!! Maybe CD takes Louis to your pillow and lets him plant his royal butt on it 😱… Oh I wish I’d thought of doing that in the past, the sense of satisfaction would have been amazing!!!

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  2. I’m sorry, but I can’t help but laughing.
    Firstly, I love your way of writing.
    Then, being the favorite human being of a household leads to some duties, doesn’t it? And sending you « expletive-ridden complaints » is unlikely to be a part of them.

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  3. I’m sorry, but that’s hilarious! It’s CD’s own fault for being a cat magnet….
    Creepiness aside, it’s almost touching…….. 😉

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