Le Roi poilu

Louis Catorze is now on a combination of Cool Cat Club wet food and dry Orijen. I wasn’t sure when he would be ready for dry food again after his surgery but, since he is well enough to hunt rodents and rip their heads off, he ought to be well enough to crunch a few biscuits.

The little sod is happy. But this is certainly more work as we now have to change his bowl every meal, as opposed to a few times a week (as was possible with dry food). It’s a good thing we have a never-ending supply of bowls, and we have managed to make some of his old ones more user-friendly by kind of piling them in a stack, then putting food in the uppermost one.

Despite eating well, Catorze doesn’t seem to be regaining the weight that he lost when his teeth were giving him trouble. So, earlier this week, Cat Daddy carted him off to his least favourite place in the world. He is back to his December weight of 3.17kg, so he’s gained a tiny amount (40g) since his dental surgery. However, I gave him a mammoth brushing when he returned home, and the extraneous fur (pictured below, with a 50p coin for scale) will amount to at least 40g, so he is probably back down to 3.13kg again.

My first attempt was sabotaged.
Second attempt after hasty rearrangement: success! And this was just Round 1. More fur came off after this.
I discovered by accident that the wonders of technology allow me to copy and share the fur alone, if I want to. Luckily I don’t want to.

The vet told us that, if he didn’t continue to gain weight, a blood test could be conducted, but I would really rather not go down that route because Catorze doesn’t behave for blood tests and would have to be sedated. Cat Daddy also asked about the bald patch, which is continuing to mutate and evolve and will probably be a fully-functioning ecosystem soon. Once again, the vet had no idea what it was and seemed unconcerned since it’s not bothering Catorze. So we will continue to monitor it although, at this rate, it will need its own Twitter account by the end of the week.

Catorze was back outside on Rodent Duty as soon as he returned, showing no indication of stress or trauma. It seems that Cat Daddy and I bear the brunt of all the worry so that Sa Maj won’t have to, although isn’t that what we all do? The little sods have brainwashed us well.

17 thoughts on “Le Roi poilu

    1. Yes, I know of a couple of toothless cats who like their dry food. I like the fact that he’s having wet food, though. I swear that even in a heatwave he’s so thick that he forgets to drink.


  1. Of course we’re all brainwashed, we like to think we are fooling them with how we present food, what badness goes on top to hide the goodness that goes underneath. There really is no time when we have the upper hand or be in charge of our furbabies because they have a firm paw grip around our hearts 😍😉

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      1. Paw grip with claws involved! Whenever Merlot wants attention from me he literally gets his tiny tiny paw, hooks his claws around a finger and drags it to his chest for tickles and if I tease by stopping the tickles he somehow clutches my hand with his from leg to tell me to keep going!! The eyes are the most difficult to ignore but then Merlot doesn’t make noises, not even barks or squeaks, it’s all in the eyes. Whereas your overlord has a whole monopoly on telling you what to do, be it a chirrup, A SCREEEEEAAM, or rounding you up. Ah yes, I forgot, Merlot rounds me up, children up and even strangers with their dogs!! Ah we are so owned… Except when it comes to getting the money to pay for their bidding!!

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          1. I’ve often thought he has an identity crisis because most dogs he knows would love to be his friends but he takes great delight in being ‘that friend you always dread to see’ but he adores cats and I don’t think cats generally like other cats on their territory and when he meets up with a cat he’s always delighted!

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