Un salon chaud et confortable

It’s half term … and, in typical teacher fashion, I am sick. I’ve been all night with throat pain and, as his new favourite thing appears to be to sleep on top of me, either on my chest or across my stomach like a living belt, Louis Catorze isn’t helping.

Yesterday, after clearing his bowl, Catorze approached me and sat at my feet, creepy-staring at me. I thought he wanted more food. But, instead of assuming his usual position under the breakfast bar when I headed for his food cupboard, he pitter-pattered towards the front room.

He wasn’t hungry. He wanted us to change rooms. And we know this because he’s done it before.

I dutifully followed Catorze to the front room, ignoring the string of Unrepeatable Expletives muttered by Cat Daddy under his breath. When I reached the front room, Saint Jésus: IT WAS WARM! Gloriously so, in fact. The little sod wasn’t just being weird; he’d had enough of being cold and wanted us to join him in the warm room.

Obviously he has done this multiple times when temperature hasn’t been an issue. But I shall just pretend that he was being clever on this occasion, and that he loves me so much that he wanted me to be warm with him.

Here he is, rescuing me from the demon cold. The fact that he then benefits from a warm lap in his favourite room is purely coincidental.

“Follow moi to the warmth, Maman!”

20 thoughts on “Un salon chaud et confortable

      1. Actually I just meant that for whatever reason he sought warmth, you benefited…whether he did it for you or only for himself. So he;s not so bad after all….

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  1. If you’re ill, did Louis rescue you from the cold too late to to protect you against the chill or did you catch some illness at school?
    Anyway, I do hope you will recover quickly.
    Take heart.

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    1. Oh yes, definitely at school and most likely from Parents’ Evening. Le Roi’s rescue was too late but I appreciate the sentiment anyway!


  2. Oh he was being selfless to help mumma feel better! (I know I know, absolutely not true, but convince yourself and it may take the sting out of being unwell, wishing you better before half term is over xxx)

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  3. He is so beautiful and so cute. I moved into a flat last week and after 2 years I finally have a cat again! I was going to ask the local rescue for the oldest cat/cat that had been there the longest. I read about Anais on their Facebook page, people did not consider adopting her because she has a weepy eye. As space is limited, Anais would have to be put down. I contacted them immediately. The rest is history ❤

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    1. Oh my, Anaïs was really turned down because of a weepy eye? How lucky that she found you! Hope you enjoy your new flat together!

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