Toute cette immensité baignée de lumière

I love the winter solstice. Not quite as much as I love Hallowe’en, but I’m all for an occasion which is about a turning of tides. A Ctrl-Alt-Delete of the mind and soul, if you will.

Garden baubles which, astonishingly, will be left untouched by Catorzian paws.

At this time of year, I often say that I’m very lucky to have everything that I want. And this is still true. Our only real worry in life (Cat Daddy: “And our only real expenditure …”) is Louis Catorze.

As Catorze grows older, I mentally prepare myself for the fact that time will soon start chipping away at his [insert appropriate number; we’re pretty sure he has more than nine] lives, eventually whittling them down to nothing. But the little sod is showing no signs of this. He’s still as rambunctious as a kitten who has just hoovered down a cocktail of catnip and amphetamines; in fact, it’s almost as if the normal conventions of time simply don’t apply to him.

I took this picture of Catorze a couple of weeks ago, in the run-up to the full moon (during which he was more, erm, exuberant than ever before):

“Everything the light touches – including The Front where I’m not allowed – belongs to MOI.”

He looks serene and pensive but, in actual fact, he is just taking a break from an especially manic race around the house, all fangs, skidding feet and saucer eyes. Cat Daddy even had to have a serious word with him about his behaviour – and, no, it didn’t make any difference. A couple of days ago, Catorze brought us a jet-black mouse.

(No, we had no idea, either, that you could get jet-black mice. And, no, we didn’t realise that Catorze still hunted. We were hoping he’d decided to retire.)

He may be an old boy, but he is still the one true Sun King.

Joyeux Solstice à vous tous.

35 thoughts on “Toute cette immensité baignée de lumière

      1. So is my car, automatic and lost 2nd gear, 2nd most expensive thing on a car and I’ve no money! I have to wait for my son-in-law to settle into his new job! It’s the joy of Christmas!! I can only think that a black mouse is someone’s lost pet, we had some black rabbits down here in Ashford living on a roundabout!!

        Happy Shortest Day xxx

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  1. I’m always looking forward to this day because the days will get longer again… I hate these dark and short days so much. The photograph of Louis is beautiful, he’s such an adorable boy!
    Wishing you, Louis and Cat Daddy all the best and a wonderful ending of the year, mes meilleurs amis!

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    1. Merci, and Joyeux Solstice to you and Seigneur! I actually don’t mind the dark days, provided they’re holiday days and I don’t have to do much. Being at work, especially during the purgatory that is January, is much harder! Hope you and Jimi have a wonderful holiday. 🌞 👑

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          1. I got infected in November and lost my taste and smell completely. Since last week it finally returned so I’m ready to have a great and delicious ending of the year… 😉

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            1. Oh God, that must have been awful. What a great time for it to come back, though! Do you have a traditional festive meal, and does Jimi get any extra treats?

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            2. Oh yes, I’m going to buy extra shrimps for Jimi, that’s his all time favourite (human) food… 🙂
              Mr. Bowie didn’t like human food at all.

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            3. Lucky Jimi! Shrimps! Louis Catorze might get the odd bit of Comté from the cheese board. (He will only eat the aged stuff from the deli, not supermarket Comté.)

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    1. Merci, et Joyeux Solstice! Le Roi will probably outlive us all. He’ll be the only survivor of a nuclear war, along with rats and cockroaches. 😱


  2. Have a cool Yule.

    It’s unlikely, but I hope Catorze (I fortunately spotted what the spoiling chicken wanted to change that to) has a chilled out one.

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  3. Happy Solstice to you, too 🙂 The picture is gorgeous and the subject of the picture is even more gorgeous, of course! Whenever possible, just tell Louis how much you love him, that’s pretty much all we can do for our aging companions.

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    1. Merci, et Joyeuse Fête! I am so sorry again about Miss Penny. I really did feel like I knew her, which I know sounds absurd. Sending you lots of love. ♥️♥️♥️


    1. Someone else mentioned that it sounded like an escaped pet! If anyone on Brentford Friends says they’ve lost a pet gerbil, don’t say anything! 😬

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