Le chat qui meugle

Louis Catorze has a new sound. He already has an impressive catalogue of sounds in addition to his default scream – I have started to call it “default” rather than “normal” for obvious reasons – and we thought he was too old to be coming up with new ones. As ever, he has done something other than what was expected.

I have only heard this sound once, and it came completely by surprise so I was unable to capture it on audio. The best way of describing it is, erm … a moo.

I know. I KNOW.

The moo came at the end of a long succession of screams, delivered to try and bully Cat Daddy into cuddling him, but Cat Daddy was busy doing other things. The more he ignored, the more Catorze persisted until, eventually, he resorted to the moo, which stopped us all in our tracks.

Cat Daddy: “What kind of sound was THAT?”

Me: “…”

Catorze: “…” (Yes, the noise even surprised him.)

The default screaming then resumed.

I know that the chances of even hearing the moo again, let alone collecting evidence, are more remote than the dark side of Pluto. But maybe one day I will be lucky, no doubt when I am trying to record something else and really don’t want his interference at all.

Me: [Starts recording]. Him: [Le silence total].

14 thoughts on “Le chat qui meugle

  1. Hendrix occasionally barks like a dog when he gets excited. The first time it happened in the garden and I was searching all over the garden for the phantom dog that must have got in. Then he did it again and I was enlightened!

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    1. I was about to say “Video or it didn’t happen” but I know your chances of getting it on video are comparable to the chances of Le Roi becoming Président du Monde.

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  2. There was a video somewhere of someone holding a young armadillo and it sounded like a cat (I didn’t even know they vocalized). This has nothing to do with your issue, but it was fascinating anyway.

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    1. Or a very old lady who is unhappy that her crow is unhappy? 🤣🤣🤣 Your description is hilarious!


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