L’œil maudit (Partie 2)

Autumn is here, which means it’s time to swap Louis Catorze’s spring-summer bed for his autumn-winter one. Daughter Next Door very kindly took on this task when she and her family visited the other day – she takes her Catorzian duties very seriously indeed – and, after first sniffing the bed as if it were some alien spacecraft, Louis Catorze is now in:

Elvis is in the building.

Regretfully, this means that I see less of him at night because he likes to spend time in here. But I’m less likely to be woken by purring, screaming and/or stupid gadding about. And it means that his evil eye is hidden from view, which is just as well because – Saint Jésus et tous ses anges – it’s mutating.

I knew this would happen.

There are now the beginnings of a pupil and, even worse, it’s looking at me right now:


Obviously this is wonderful news for our October visitors, of whom there are MANY this year; people are going to be visiting us Catorze every weekend bar one, plus during the half term break. If you’re the sort of person who arranges to visit a black vampire cat in October, having him inexplicably grow an evil eye is a bonus.

However, if you’re the one who has to share a house with him all year round, it’s frightening. And having such a distinguishing mark means that we won’t be able to trot out the “It must have been some other black cat” excuse, the next time he causes trouble in the neighbourhood.

If the eye continues to evolve, crucifixes and holy water won’t be enough; I think we’ll need an exorcist. The only problem is, they all know of Catorze and none of them are prepared to come here, especially during the time of year when his evil powers are in ascendancy …

Cat without a face … although he has an eye on his body so it doesn’t really matter.

22 thoughts on “L’œil maudit (Partie 2)

    1. Sa Maj loves it! When spring comes, we have to shake him out of it. (Sometimes Cat Daddy quite literally does this, otherwise Catorze would get no daylight or food all day!)

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  1. We have an igloo/Cat House – not as cosy as Catorze’s – which Bib especially likes. Unfortunately she is now wary about going into it as Lucky Jim has found out how fun it is to jump on top of it, instantly making it collapse and thus ejecting the sleeping cat within at a rate of knots. Bib feels very put upon.

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      1. Not on video, no. It’s too unexpected an event to be ready to film. And (just to be pedantic) Bib wasn’t a spelling mistake. She’s Bib, not Bob – named for Bibendum, as I rescued her from the Michelin R&D site in Clermont

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  2. You could set up a goPro to capture Bib’s next tent collapse. (I don’t have autocorrect, or my posts would have many fewer typos.) I did pnce capture on Videotape (30+ years ago)when a
    cat was on a rocking chair hiding in a paper bag and her housemate came and hopped onto the chair – startling the heck out of both of them.
    So is Catorze going to have treats for his visitors next month – or only tricks ?

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