La mise à jour du statut

I am the worst person in the world.

On Saturday, when giving Louis Catorze his Loxicom, it dawned on me that I hadn’t been turning the bottle upside-down to draw the liquid into the syringe. In short, the poor little sod hadn’t had any pain relief since the day after his surgery, and I had just been administering air. I hadn’t noticed because I thought I was drawing in clear liquid and, when nothing spilled when I delivered each dose, I simply thought my technique had improved.

So there I was thinking poor Catorze wasn’t bouncing back from this surgery as quickly as he did from the last one, when, in fact, I’m just a shit cat parent. I debated for some time before posting this, in case I received a torrent of (rightful) criticism for being so negligent, but I decided in the end to take a bullet on the behalf of the greater good so that nobody else makes the same mistake in the future. CHECK THE PRODUCT, Mesdames et Messieurs, especially if it’s one you haven’t used before.

Je suis désolée, Mon Roi. Vous méritez bien mieux que ça.

Catorze’s swollen snout is subsiding, as is his post-surgery chain-smoking drag queen voice, but there is still little sign of his trademark fangs. Something about the swelling, or the way his jaws fit together, or possibly both, means that they are hidden from view much of the time. Even when I position the camera low down under his chin, with him staring haughtily down, I barely see the famous fangs.

Only the tiniest hint of fang … and (I think) a bit of dribble.

Despite being subdued, he did feel well enough to join us when Cocoa the babysit cat’s folks came for dinner, pitter-pattering between people and sitting right in the middle of us, listening to the conversation as if it somehow concerned him. And he also felt well enough to bolt out at The Front as our guests left, just at the moment that I shouted to Cat Daddy, “Don’t let him run out!”

(Cat Daddy blamed me for not holding onto Catorze, but the real culprit was Cat Daddy’s whisky-induced slowness in closing the door.)

Catorze has his follow-up with the vet later this morning, which will give an indication whether everything is unfolding as it should. I still haven’t decided whether or not I should confess my horrendous mistake although, since the vets follow Le Blog, they will probably know by now.

The little sod thanks everyone who has wished him well, especially Cocoa the babysit cat and his sister Chanel who sent him a toy and some non-crunchy duck and venison treats (which he LOVES). Hilariously, Cat Daddy thought the treats were for us and I almost wish I’d just kept quiet and let him eat them.

14 thoughts on “La mise à jour du statut

  1. Oh dear. I have tried – and tried – to administer sub0cutaneous fluids to a couple of chronically ill cats and have NO success, so I canmore than sympathize with your feelings. Though he seems to have survived. Best you lett he vets know in case there could be a problem (but there probably won’t be.)
    Trading the fangs for tthe drool may be another issue entirely.

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    1. Yes, I will deffo tell the vet. I will feel like an idiot doing so, but I think this is one of those situations where honesty is the best policy. 😒

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  2. Poooooooooor baby, how cruel! When I first got Miss Penny some painkiller for her arthritis, I was told to give her 0.1ml. I did this for a while, and didn’t notice a change, so I added a tiny TINY amount. Then Miss Penny started acting as if she were drunk, looking very dizzy and unstable on her legs, unable to get up, etc. I thought “that’s it, she’s dying, it’s like Calinette, she probably had a stroke and will be dead in a day or two!” I was ready to call the vet to schedule “the end” when my neighbour came to my apartment for tea. And she’s a nurse. And when I told her about Miss Penny looking drunk she said “oh, it’s probably the new medication! You just need to adjust the dosage!” And sure enough, the next morning, Miss Penny was perfectly fine again! But I was THAT CLOSE to ending her life because of MY MISTAKE, so don’t feel too guilty, you’re not the only one making mistakes.

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    1. Oh my, thank goodness for your neighbour! I guess we all do our best under the circumstances and we all learn from our mistakes.

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  3. Oh, I empathize with your mistake. When I had to give a previous cat subcutaneous fluids, I could never tell when I was getting it right. Sounds like he’s on the road to recovery, though

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    1. Yes, I was very lucky in that my stuff-up hasn’t hampered his recovery. For whatever reason I just thought it was clear liquid, because the Gabapentin (which he had after the previous op) also was. 🤦‍♀️

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  4. It’s easy to make a mistake and hard to forgive yourself. I’m glad that he’s ok. Sa Maj knows that you didn’t mean to harm him. After all, it’s not as though you had attempted a coup to overthrow him and inherit his kingdom (at the back and out front)….You are a very loving and loyal servant. Would that all royals could claim the same!

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    1. He certainly doesn’t seem any worse off for his ordeal. Little sod is eating better and causing havoc at both The Back and The Front.

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