Où sont les dents?

Louis Catorze’s follow-up with his royal physician went well.

When I stuffed him into his transportation pod, naturellement there was the usual unearthly screaming. Yet, on the walk over to the practice, he was eerily silent. This is most unlike him. The only moment that he let out a little squeak was when we passed a couple of French bulldogs; no doubt he recognised his compatriots and was keen to bid them a friendly bonjour/m’aidez.

Upon arrival, Catorze made a friend in the waiting room: a fellow allergic cat called Pebbles, the same age as him but twice the size, whose humans thought Catorze’s pod was my handbag until it started screaming. In fact, this is the one disadvantage of the pod. Because it doesn’t look at all like a vessel for transporting animals, I worry that people who see me on the way to the vet will think I have some bizarre screaming holdall – or, worse, that I am walking along making the noise myself.

Bag o’screams.

Anyway, when we went into the examination room, I confessed my monumental medication stuff-up to the vet. If she thought I was an absolute idiot, she hid it well and told me that too little was better than too much. Unbelievably, despite everything, Catorze is healing well and there is no sign of any infection. I have to continue giving the little sod his Loxicom for another five days which, luckily, is very easy since I just blob it onto his fur and he calmly and happily grooms it off. So there is no need to Greco it to him. (Grecoing a liquid is a lot harder than it sounds.) Then, after three clear drug-free days, he can go back for his steroid shot.

When we returned to Le Château, he forgave me instantly and settled on my lap (photographed below). So it seems that the days of the Post-Vet Sulk are a thing of the past.

Le Roi’s fangs are taking their time in coming back. Cat Daddy seems to think they are progressively returning, but I’m struggling to see it myself. Obviously we love him with or without fangs, but they are my favourite part of him and he doesn’t seem like himself without them. Let’s hope that they return fully soon.

Thanks again to everyone who has wished him well.

Where ARE those fangs?

29 thoughts on “Où sont les dents?

  1. We are glad to know Sa Maj is doing well. We could relate to your comments about what people might think of the noisy carryall. Of course, the opposite is true, in these days of Bluetooth earpieces, you can now wander around talking to yourself – or mumbling under your breath about your latest encounter with idiots- and no one will even give you a second look.

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  2. Ohh that sound! My darling Sosso used to sound just like that! And trust me, Miss Penny is waaaaaayyyyy louder and waaaaayyy less melodious 😆😆😆 I am glad Sa Maj is doing better and he has forgiven you 🙂 What a sweetheart!

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  3. Xenia has thought about sending her doctor a certificate stating that she is medicus to the imperial court. Has Le Roi thought of doing likewise. It will go so far to brighten their day, she thinks.

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  4. I’m happy to hear everything is OK. I’m also happy to hear that Louis settled on your lap once back home. As to his fangs, I’m not as optimistic as you, but let’s wait and see.

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  5. Glad to see Louis is heading in the right direction with his problems. But that crying in the video… I had to run for an espresso to find some comfort… Poor little boy…

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  6. Bisous to le petit sod…thank Bastet all went well! The fangs will soon be visible again, perhaps not as prominently. One of my band of scoundrels once lost a milk fang to his sister when she swatted him in a battle for a pilfered frozen chicken thigh. They were pulling so hard Ozzies’ fang (which was starting to grow in, as they were still not fully grown cats) fell out. He soon grew another. He was a Bombay.

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  7. I had to greco Gracie to give her a liquid which she promptly sprayed in my face and hair. I don’t do liquids for any of my cats normally but this med only came as a sprinkle on food thing (and I couldn’t depend on her to eat it) or the chalky white liquid form. I’m still finding white spots on the walls and carpet..

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    1. Oh no! 😱😱😱 Would she have gone for the “blob it onto the body” approach? (Not ideal if it also needed food but better than nowt?)

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            1. Traumatized. The doc said it was a flavor cats like (it’s a prednisone) but not my cat. She was 8 lbs. of fight. I scruffed her thinking it would be quick. Nope. She spit it out 4 times. Then it broke into pieces. I got most in her mouth. I think. There may be some under my nail….but none on my face. I may have to burrito her. *bangs head on table*

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            2. Oh God, I feel your pain. Le Roi can develop the strength of ten angry bears when he wants to, and he had to be sedated for a blood test because four adults couldn’t hold him.

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  8. I’m behind, as usual, but I’m glad he’s healing well. I don’t know if it’s my imagination but I can see his fangs poking out in the photo. Hopefully le chat vampire will be back soon, if he isn’t already 🙂

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    1. I still wasn’t sure when this photo was taken. He still had quite a swollen snout. 😐 I think they might be coming back now, but he’s so full of energy and won’t keep still so he’s impossible to photograph.

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