L’élixir blanc

In my last post I mentioned how easy it was to give Louis Catorze his Loxicom, since I just blobbed it onto his fur and he happily groomed it off. So, naturellement, as soon as that went live, he had to stuff it up.

This was the tragic sequence of events that took place the other night:

1. Prepare syringe and lay it on coffee table.

2. Little sod comes in, drenched from the rain, and settles his gross, cold body on me.

3. Casually reach for syringe and gently empty its contents onto right side of royal rump.

4. No reaction from Catorze.

5. Realise that, because he is so wet from the rain, he hasn’t noticed the additional liquid.

6. Poke hopefully at royal rump with syringe tip, to draw his attention to area.

7. Catorze begins sniffing air around me, realising that something is afoot but too thick to see what.

8. Catorze exits lap and starts sniffing around living room carpet.

9. Catorze returns to lap and settles, letting Loxicom air-dry on his body.

10. Decide eventually to apply another dose. Message Cat Daddy to refill syringe, but request that he return it in nonchalant fashion to avoid arousing suspicion.

11. Cat Daddy refills syringe and returns it suitably nonchalantly. Second dose applied to left side of royal rump (Catorze’s, not Cat Daddy’s).

12. Catorze ignores second dose.

13. Cat Daddy sits down next to us.

14. Catorze exits lap and sits on Cat Daddy, left side down, smearing most of second dose on his jeans.

15. Unrepeatable Expletives.

16. Catorze flips over, FINALLY notices remains of second dose and starts to groom it off. Success!

17. Catorze exits Cat Daddy’s lap, discovers dried-on first dose and grooms that off, too, ending up double-dosed.

18. Vet’s words of “Too little is better than too much” ring in my ears for rest of evening.

Mercifully he has now completed his course, so we won’t have to go through this farce again. Until the next time something goes wrong.

Unbelievably, his body felt worse than it looked.

8 thoughts on “L’élixir blanc

  1. One of my cats has a white elixir too but I just grab him and finally pry his mouthy open enough to squirt the eyedropper in.
    He is an old outdoor cat who just wandered up two years ago and he isn’t big on grooming. You are lucky (?) Louis is so fastidious !

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