Ne l’oublions pas

Cat Daddy and I have just returned from a weekend away watching Brentford play Norwich. Louis Catorze was left in the care of a chat-sitting friend and, apart from The Curious Incident of the Bubble Wrap in the Night-Time and a LOT of creepy-staring and screaming, he was the perfect host.

Best not to even ask.

In somewhat related news – well, linking tenuously to football and cats – we really aren’t about to forgive Kurt Zouma anytime soon. During that first match against Wolves, when fans were booing him, I wondered if people would have the energy or the inclination to keep it up for ninety minutes. It seems that I underestimated the elephantine memory of the British public, because we’ve all managed to keep it up for a whole month.

On Saturday West Ham played Liverpool away, and even Cat Daddy, who doesn’t like Liverpool football club, had to raise a smile at these scenes at and around Anfield:

I will even pardon the lack of apostrophe. (Picture from
Terrifying but nonetheless a flash of genius. (Picture from

Scousers, we applaud you. Please pass the baton to the Brummies and encourage them to do something equally brilliant when Aston Villa play West Ham at the weekend.

It’s another month before West Ham come to Brentford, and I’m already giving serious consideration to a placard saying “Zouma, may I have your shirt (so that my cat can wipe his arse on it)?” Best of all, Catorze even knows how to say that in Zouma’s language: French.

18 thoughts on “Ne l’oublions pas

  1. We got an earlier email showing a link to a post about your encounter with a cheesecake, but The Page Could Not Be Found so we are glad this one showed up so we know all is well – and good for all the cat-loving fans.Is the cheesecake post forthcoming ?

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    1. That’s the only thing that would make me hesitate! One in particular would know what it meant. And the others would whip out their translating apps within seconds.

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      1. Hang on a second … I didn’t say I absolutely wouldn’t do it. I’m still giving some thought to getting someone else to do it on my behalf. Or maybe wearing a hood and a mask. 🤣🤣🤣

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  2. Many years ago we had a pro football player caught in a dog fighting ring. That’s illegal here and he spent years in jail for it. Even when he came out, his career was severely damaged. Animal people have long memories and “doing his time” didn’t exonerate him.

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