La peau de chagrin (Partie 2)

Louis Catorze’s skin problem is returning.

The fur around his eyes is thinning, and this is the familiar, telltale sign that all could turn to merde if we aren’t careful. In fact, it could very well turn to merde even if we ARE careful. Since we don’t know what causes it, we are still at a loss as to what we’re supposed to do.

We had a feeling that this would happen since he only had a short-acting steroid shot the last time, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. He wasn’t allowed to have a steroid shot within two weeks of his surgery, nor too close to his Loxicom, so we have been waiting until the earliest opportunity, which was yesterday (as advised by the vet). I was stuck at work so Cat Daddy took Catorze, and the vet, who hadn’t seen the little sod before, called him a “noisy boy”. TRUST US, WE KNOW.

At least now he’s done … just in time for the full moon next week, which isn’t ideal as we could do without double the level of psycho, but Cat Daddy and I are just going to have to stock up on vodka and ride this one out.

If you have ever had a black cat in your life, you will know that the their eyebrow area can look perfectly normal from certain angles, and almost bald from other angles, and Catorze is no exception. The two pictures below were taken by his chat-sitteur last weekend, and they look very different indeed, so it’s hard to know from taking photos whether or not he is improving. However, if he’s eating (check), drinking (check), screaming (check) and being a complete and utter pest (HELL, check), I think we can be reassured that he is fine.

Looking a bit scruffy and threadbare here.
Not looking too bad here.

12 thoughts on “La peau de chagrin (Partie 2)

  1. Most cats have an area like that – maybe not as extreme as Louis’s. Some experts think it helps channel sound into the ears. Hope you can get him”adjusted.”

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  2. One day, I heard the eyebrow areas of black cats can look bald to frighten predators when they sleep, the naked areas mimicking eyes when the latter are closed.
    Anyway, be cautious when buying vodka. For the time being, it might be perilous.

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        1. Icelandic vod is actually much nicer! We sampled some during our holiday and are now hooked. We are also fans of Absolut which is Swedish.

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  3. Grey Goose is pretty good, too 🙂 Poor sweety pie, I hope it won’t be too bad. Miss Penny loses a LOT of hair, these days, it’s really scary, but she seems OK otherwise, so I’ll just wait and see (and vacuum). Big big big cuddles to Louis 🙂

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    1. Merci! He certainly seems to be ok. And as soon as he returned from his vet appointment, he was straight outside to make trouble with another cat. 😐


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