La piqûre magique

Oui, Mesdames et Messieurs, the answer to Wednesday’s French Wordle was this:

Little Turdle.

I know. I didn’t think proper nouns were allowed but, after some research, I have discovered that a louis is a type of sovereign coin. So I have learned something new.

I have to give a special mention to my friend Ben for his attempt (even though I know my mum is going to read this):


Ben then proceeded to blame me for his naughtiness, saying it was my fault for insisting that he try French Wordle that day. Erm, ok, but that still doesn’t explain how he arrived at THAT starting word. I think this says far more about him than about me.

In other news, earlier this week I had the joy of taking Louis Catorze to the vet for his steroid shot. The little sod fought like a demon when I shoved him into his transportation pod and screamed all the way there, startling the dogs in the park as we walked past them. This is by no means unusual but I don’t think I will ever truly get used to it.

Luckily the practice was empty when we arrived, so it didn’t matter too much that the screaming continued. However, two ladies came in shortly afterwards to collect some medication, and they were hit by Catorze’s decibels as soon as they opened the door. Whilst waiting to be seen, they politely looked the other way and tried to pretend that they couldn’t hear the infernal racket.

Because there was a complicated blood test cat being seen just before us, we had a longer wait than usual. Pretty soon the two ladies couldn’t stand Catorze’s noise anymore and had to start talking about something – ANYTHING – in an effort to mask it, and I even heard one of them say, “Isn’t the weather awful? When it’s like this, you just don’t feel like going out, do you?” (It was glorious sunshine outside at the time, so clearly the screaming had got to her so badly that she didn’t even know what she was saying.)

Eventually, Complicated Blood Test Cat came out. She was deathly silent in her pod at first but soon decided, after hearing Catorze’s screaming, that she would join in. So, whilst her bill was being sorted out, the five of us (Complicated Blood Test Cat’s human, the two ladies-in-waiting, the receptionist and me) were subjected to a cacophony of feline screaming from both cats, in stereo.

Because Catorze is due to have his next dental surgery later this month, he wasn’t able to have his usual steroid shot as it would prevent his wounds from healing. So, instead, he was given a fast-acting shot designed to last a week, and we are just going to have to try to keep him itch-free until after the surgery. And, since we don’t know what it is that triggers his scratching, this is going to prove somewhat tricky.

So, for now, all I can do is keep blasting him with the atmosphere-purifying beeswax candles, brushing him regularly and hoping it doesn’t all turn to merde before his procedure.

Here he is in his pod, just before we left for his appointment. You may wish to turn the volume down:

Saint Jésus et tous ses apôtres.

31 thoughts on “La piqûre magique

  1. The volume on my computer is not reliable, but he sounds weak and pitiful. I bet I would agree with you if I were in the same room as the poor lamb was.

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    1. Right? KitKat does this same pitiful yowl when she’s trapped (carrier or otherwise). I was expecting something more like a werewolf howling or angry monkeys or something 😂

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      1. I don’t find it pitiful. I find it splits my skull in two. Imagine that all the way there, including walking across the park with people staring. 🤣🤣🤣

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        1. To be fair, I only have to put up with it until she’s carried out the door, and apparently she goes quiet in the car (probably once she realises I’m not around to save her). (My sister or sometimes my dad take her to the vet for me bc I’m bed-bound, neither of whom are likely to fall for her crying.) I imagine it’s harder to handle for longer periods of time, but to me His Maj still sounds pitiful. More like “I’m suffocating in heeeeere, take pity on meeee” than “I will stab your skull with shards of glass” 🤔

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  2. Thank you for sharing Louis’s lament with us. The poor boy is very impressive. I can understand the two ladies got utterly troubled.

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  3. Poor lad, he sounds so defeated, presumably because he had allowed himself to be captured! Naughty Ben with his wordle template, what was he thinking? Well it’s obvious….! Anyway, I’m not well versed in French so the only word I could think of from the “hint” you provided was Louis but (and I’m sure it was my fault) I couldn’t get the template to work so I gave up. But I’m so pleased that you put me out of my misery, life can return to normal 😉

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    1. Haha! If that’s the only word you could think of, then technically you got it right! You have mastered French Wordle! 🇫🇷


  4. Well I wish I could have video’d Merlot (little chihuahua) while I watched the video. He may be a tiny dog but he loves cats, especially the black or tortoise-shell breeds and Merlot obviously felt great pity for Louis, twisting his head with ears pricked right up. When it comes to verbal cats, my daughter’s Cheeky, a typical bombay breed, big female version of Louis, makes the same pitiful but VERY loud wailing sound when stuffed into Merlot’s pod and in my car and obviously only MY ears when going to the vet and I get really upset about her sadness and can’t get her home soon enough to release her!! Merlot would want to snuggle with Louis if he met him but I’m guessing Louis would probably want to kill him!

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    1. No, I think Sa Maj would be ok with dogs. Usually the feeling isn’t mutual, though … 🤣🤣🤣


  5. Merlot sounds adorable! My Champion Of Ear Splitting Vocals was Pavarotti (aka Pavi ) Despite weighing less than 2 1/2 kilos, she could outroar a lion. 😄 I think this is what kept her safe on her day- long soujourns to the unknown, returning in time for dinner looking like she’d spent the day at a spa instead of roaming the enormous swath of park land (with a canal) beyond the back yard…in Florida, yet…

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  6. My babies shout more loudly if they want to go outside!🤣 its constant with only time for a fresh breath in between screams and high pitched too. Bless louis and yourselves it probably seems bad when you get it every day lol x stay strong you will win in the end xx

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