Hotel Diablo

Cat Daddy and I are in Iceland at the moment, so we spent the last couple of days preparing for the arrival of Louis Catorze’s chat-sitteurs.

We systematically have to remind all visitors that Catorze has a naughty habit of entering bedrooms and raising merry hell as people sleep, and this occasion was no exception. However, despite our advice to keep doors shut, it seems that some bizarre and twisted part of our guests finds his nocturnal visits entertaining. So they ignore us and, naturellement, Catorze takes advantage.

Guests have been known to wake up to find their suitcases open and their stuff strewn all over the floor. And what makes it especially creepy is that Catorze does this utterly silently, slipping undetected into and out of the room, like a ghost. Imagine Paranormal Activity, The Sixth Sense and Poltergeist combined and you will have an idea of what it’s like. Sometimes he remains there, presiding arrogantly over his handiwork, as we discovered below.

My mum carefully constructed a sort of Jenga-style tower using a cardboard box and her suitcase, with her next-day clothes neatly folded on top. This was how she found the smug little sod the next morning:

For goodness’ sake.

Another guest made the mistake of leaving her case open on the bed whilst we had dinner. This was the result:

The Covid testing kits weren’t quite ready for THIS particular contagion.

Guests who place towels on the bed are also not safe:

A cat-hairy towel. Lovely.

En conclusion: if you stay here, your stuff will be messed with. And, since Catorze is a trans-dimensional being who can teleport, we are all powerless to stop it.

Come at your own risk.

26 thoughts on “Hotel Diablo

  1. Have a nice stay in Iceland and be cautious in case you meet black cats there. Given Louis’s powers, they might be his devoted subjects.

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    1. These photos are all from previous visits from friends. As yet we have no news of him from his current waiting staff. No news is good news, right?

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  2. Cats on clean clothes, towels, and suitcases is perfectly normal, don’t worry, they just want to make sure your guests understand that cats own everything and everyone 🙂 Have fun in Iceland, I am not sure I would have selected February to go there, after having read all those scary Icelandic novels that only talk about snow and ice and frozen lakes and more snow!

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    1. It’s absolutely freezing, but I do like a bit of snow! When we go back to London it’ll be like going from winter to spring!


  3. AT least he apparently does not perform his “toilette” on their items. One of my black cats would sleep with me peacefully but if I slept past her designated breakfast time she would pee on the bed. (She has since outgrown this, apparently, though she chooses to be outside most times when the temp is not in single digits F)

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    1. We are very lucky: Sa Maj has only inappropriately toiletted on one occasion, and that was when Cat Daddy locked him in by accident. And he was kind enough to poo on a newspaper. (Catorze, I mean. Not Cat Daddy.)

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          1. He so reminds me of my old black cat Jake (RIP). No one told him what to do (even though we did). I remember the day he realized the front door and back door go into the same house. It was hilarious. He kept walking back and forth.

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            1. Not at all. He weighed in at 14 lbs at his biggest but was very tall and long. He carried his weight well and did not look chonky. He was a weird cat though. My husband says we should never get a black cat again (he carries no weight here especially with cat decisions). I have a tuxedo that has a lot of black and she’s a diva too. Maybe it’s the color.

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