Purrminateur: Le Soulèvement des Chats

Cat Daddy and I are still in Iceland. News from Le Château is that Louis Catorze has latched onto the gentleman of the chat-sitting couple and won’t let him get on with his work. This will not surprise anyone.

It seems that the universe has rewarded me for putting principles over points because, last week, after I removed Kurt Zouma from my Fantasy Football team, my players did so well that I was able to climb from fourth place to third in our mini-league. And what a pity West Ham didn’t follow my example, because it’s all kicking off there (no pun intended).

The RSPCA have taken Zouma’s cats away and he has been fined £250,000, which equates to two weeks’ wages for him. However, his teammates are now outraged to discover just how much he earns and are demanding more money. Furthermore, numerous sponsors have withdrawn their support from both the player and the club.

Whilst we don’t find animal abuse the slightest bit funny, we can’t help but crack a wry smile at the fact that a not-especially-nice football club is being brought down by a cat. This is just the first step in the feline plan to take over the world, which might not happen overnight but it will happen.

This is an old photo of Catorze, but I think the evil in his eyes perfectly sums up the feelings of all cats as they plan the next part of their uprising:

“L’âge des hommes est terminé. Le temps des chats est arrivé.”

13 thoughts on “Purrminateur: Le Soulèvement des Chats

  1. Louis is gorgeous as usual, and I am looking forward to the day cats take over the world, things will finally make sense! Your pictures of Louis also made me check Miss Penny more closely, and she has fangs, too, like an old little vampire, but her face is mostly white so the fangs don’t show, which is why I never noticed them!

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