Le mot du jour

In my eight years of writing Le Blog, never have I ever posted twice in one day. So, if you are a regular follower, you will know that this is a TRÈS big deal indeed.

If you’re into Wordle, please give the French equivalent, Le Mot, a go today. Even if you don’t think you know any French, please trust me and try it just for this one day. I promise you will not be disappointed.

If you’re stuck, here’s a clue.

26 thoughts on “Le mot du jour

  1. WordPress being annoying again and refusing to recognise me. 😆 Trying to post for the third time, so please forgive if it’s repeated.

    Whoop de doo!

    Le Mot (@WordleFR) #31 2/6



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      1. I took French as third language till high school level. (It was mostly about the life and times of Marcel and Denise. 😁) So I remember a few words.

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  2. I tried but only got as far as “cator” before realizing I needed a 5 letter word…Is it “Louis” ? Are proper names allowed ? I don’t play Wordle (yet) having OD’ed on many years of “Hangman” in elementary classrooms.

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  3. Ça va te faire rigoler. Le mot juste pour moi était “saine.” I agree that le roi is in fine form in this photo, but “healthy” is not the first thing that comes to mind when we followers think of Louis. Also, that yarn MUST be a clue!

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    1. “Saine” was Thursday’s word for us. On Wednesday it was something distinctly more Roi-related! Were you able to see that one?


        1. Yes, the French one needed to be done by midnight French time (not sure what that is for you?) Le Roi is certainly not sain(e). I will post the word tomorrow!


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