Une heure de plus

October is here and, as you are no doubt aware by now, this month fills me with pure and absolute joy. However, any minute now, the black cats of the world will collectively lose their shit. That bit isn’t going to be quite so joyous.

Louis Catorze is glossy-furred, full of energy and READY.

This year we have been blessed with a long Hallowe’en. Thanks to Daylight Saving Time coming to an end and the clocks going back by an hour on Sunday 31st, we have an extra sixty minutes of the big day. Somehow this fits perfectly with the whole idea that, during these periods when the veil between the worlds is thin, time does not function as it should.

Unfortunately it also means we will have an extra hour of Catorze’s nonsense. Not only is he a natural conduit for all things evil, irrespective of the state of the veil, but merely being in his presence appears to make time malfunction; if he is doing something idiotic and we are willing him to stop, time can stand still.

Last year he surprised us all by actually NOT misbehaving, mainly because he was having so much fun attending to Important Full Moon Hallowe’en Cat Business in the Zone Libre that he just forgot.

Let’s hope he’s not planning to make up for it this year.

He’s so ready that he’s even dressed for the occasion with a cobweb bracelet.

17 thoughts on “Une heure de plus

      1. Yes, I’d love to adopt him 🙂 But I think he wouldn’t like me much because I don’t have a garden and I’m the 12th floor so he’d miss La Zone Libre and all his friends (foxes and all).

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        1. He does like the outside but if you provided him with adequate entertainment indoors, he would have a ball! However, his idea of “adequate” and ours may differ.

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  1. My daughter’s two gorgeous black babies are nuts all year round. This year could be particular crazy as they are expecting the arrival of a baby boy at any time in October, let’s hope that whatever they get up to they will be quiet… No chance when the stairs are in the centre of their house and they use them as their personal racetrack!

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    1. I think he is! He’s had one October visitor already and was on top form. I think he’s going to get better/worse (depending on how you look at it) as the month progresses.

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