“Miam miam! Ce porridge est parfait!”

Dampening down Louis Catorze’s Orijen is such a pain in the arse. I don’t mind doing it in principle, but I take exception to the unreasonably exacting specifications that we are required to meet.

Food can be rejected for any of the following reasons:

⁃ Too big a portion: NON (goes stale)

⁃ Too small a portion: NON (is eaten quickly and then he frightens us with the creepy staring)

⁃ Too dry: NON

⁃ Too wet: NON

⁃ Too-hot water: NON

⁃ Too-cold water: NON

⁃ Water not sunk in enough: NON (leaves pellets too crunchy)

⁃ Water sunk in too much: NON (leaves pellets too soft)

Cat Daddy despises waste of any sort, yet even he leaves the hot tap running whilst taking the Orijen out of the cupboard, so that it’s at optimum temperature for his boy’s precious food. And, if I am the one feeding the little sod, Cat Daddy reminds me, “Warm water. Don’t forget, warm water on his food. He likes it at about 70 degrees, and by the time it hits his bowl it will have cooled down enough for him to eat it.”

Well, lah-dee-dah.

If you think we’re pathetic for going to such lengths, you would probably be right. That said, I challenge anyone to stand strong against this level of creepy staring, especially from a black vampire cat, in the run-up to Hallowe’en.

Yes, there is food in his bowl. No, it’s not up to standard.

23 thoughts on ““Miam miam! Ce porridge est parfait!”

    1. I don’t think I’d mind that as much! The creepy staring tortures the soul like you wouldn’t believe.


  1. We had turkey burgers tonight. Neither the dog nor Xenia were invited to partake in scraps. After dinner there was a rush conference. The dog then sits in front of his bowl looking inconsolable, and Xenia heads to the stairwell to perform and aria ” oh how poorly treated we are!” We feel your pain.

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        1. He did! I think his voice is slowly returning to “normal” though, as if the Russian ghost possessing him is slowly being exorcised.


  2. Does Louis’s food stay long enough at optimum temperature? Who knows? Perhaps the boy stares at you only to ask you to warm his bowl up in the microwave?

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    1. No, it doesn’t. I think his refusals are also linked to how fresh it is; if it’s been standing around for a while, he’s not interested. If it’s absorbed so much water that it turns pale, that is the worst. He will look at us in disgust as if we have served him weed killer and asbestos.


  3. Miss Penny’s new thing is “I won’t eat food from a bowl that’s on the floor! Who do you think I am?? A Barbarian??” And so now, I have to place her bowl on the kitchen counter every morning, and she’s also decided that since my glass of water is in the vicinity, she’ll drink from that, too, instead of her water bowl! I think that cats were created so that our lives will never be boring 😀

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  4. That pose is killing me! 💞 Those perfectly aligned paws, that arrogantly straight back, fur so tantalizingly silky, one eye a silent warning…I just wanna cuddle him and whisper that he is TRULY to the manor born 😁

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