Le plat principal

It’s been a good month-and-a-bit since Louis Catorze’s dental surgery, so we no longer have to dampen down his Orijen.

Nobody is happier about this than Cat Daddy, who has well and truly had enough of Catorze‘s highly exacting food standards. (For full details have a look here, but be warned that it’s not pretty reading. Whenever someone tells us that their pet is a fussy eater because they will only eat [insert name of food that is much less expensive than Orijen], Cat Daddy says, “Let me tell you a story about fussy eating …”)

Every so often I would hear unrepeatable expletives coming from the kitchen, followed by “I’ve just thrown away about £20 worth of Orijen because of HIM.”

A couple of days before resuming the completely dry food, we had the following exchange:

[Catorze sits forlornly by his bowl, which is 93% full.]

Me: “Would you mind giving him some more food, please?”

Cat Daddy: “He’s got food.”

Me: “Yes, but it’s old.”

Him: “When I was young, I was told I had to finish what was on my plate. I’m sure you were, too.”

[Silence, tumbleweed, crickets.]

Me: “Please just give him a couple of teaspoonfuls, so that he gets that fresh food smell.”

Him: “I’m not doing it. I’m just going to shake the food tin over his bowl and PRETEND I’m doing it.”

Me: “He isn’t going to fall for that. He’s stupid but not that stupid.”

[Cat Daddy picks up Catorze’s bowl, shakes the still-closed food tin over it and sets it down. Catorze sniffs it and walks away.]

Me: “I told you.”

Cat Daddy: “[Unrepeatable Expletives of the Worst Kind.]”

[Catorze stares creepily/hopefully at me.]

Cat Daddy: “He’s looking at you now. He obviously thinks you’re the weakest link.”

[I can’t stand the creepy staring, so I give in, throw away the uneaten food and serve a fresh helping. Catorze eats it.]

Cat Daddy: “Guess he was right.”

So now everyone is happy: Catorze no longer has inadequately-prepared food, Cat Daddy no longer has to throw away platefuls of Orijen, and I no longer feel bullied by the males in this household. Long may this blissful peace and harmony continue.

Drenched from the rain … and wanting food.

15 thoughts on “Le plat principal

  1. Chris is exactly like that with his dry food but now I put only enough food in the bowl for three to five minutes of eating at a time. Frankie wastes our expensive wet food but eating like a pig and then puking.

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